Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'll Be With You In Your Dreams

I am so happy right now. All week I've been under the impression that the four of us were going to do something tonight for Nate's last night- cook dinner, go out to eat, something. So imagine my surprise when I'm sitting in our front room with Katie and Nate, wondering why we weren't picking a place to go, when my parents walk in the front door. Surprise! My roommates planned it so that Dave and Nate would be able to celebrate my birthday with me since they will be moving out before then...and also because last year, orientation was just 2 days after my birthday, so they've never celebrated a birthday with me. How SWEET are they? We went to Sweetwater Tavern and came home to a funfetti cake that Katie had made last night(I was told she was making it for someone at her work). Then some of our friends came over. Such a good time. It really meant a lot to me that Dave and Nate cared that much. I have the best community and parents ever :)

On an even cheesier note, I wrote something last night that is ridiculously obnxious and cheesy...but also true. It is in regards to transition...because if anyone knows me, they know I struggle with transition.

I'm terrified that this year is being yanked away from me. It's like...this year has brought me so much peace and happiness, it hardly seems fair that it's just going to be GONE like that. I feel like I'm right at the top of a roller coaster- fingers grasping so tightly to the safety bar, clutching my eyes shut so tight so that i don't have to see what's ahead. Any second now, I'm going to drop right into my new adventure- which will be scary at first, my stomach might drop. It will have it's ups and downs and throw me for a loop. Then the ride will stop, and I'll get on the next one. Life is like just keeps moving onto new adventures, new highs and lows. You kow that feeling on a roller coaster, once you get past the fear, and you just Life should be like that...hold on tight during the challenges, but be able to let go and feel free.

If you got threw that without puking, I award you with 5 points.

day 11 - a deceased person you wish you could talk to

Dear Laurence,
I miss you so much it hurts. I always looked forward to your facebook notes and emails about your mission and stance on world poverty. It's just so unfair. I don't know if I'll ever understand why you had to go...but I am so amazed and proud of the mark you left on this world. If I could be just 1/2 the person you were, I'd be happy. Please help me, my little buddy. Help me to continue to live your mission. I need you to show me the way and to take my hand. I want to help, I want the world to know your name- not for the fame, but so that everyone else can stop living so selfishly and learn to give a litte love. That's all you did, day in and day out. You lived the Gospel through your words and actions...and all before the age of 16. I sometimes imagine you up in Heaven, talking with all the other angels about our wolrd and how you can help it. I picture you coming down to Earth and gently touching people on the shoulder. I know that might seem crazy...but I know you are with us. I want to help you, Laurence. I love you with my whole heart and would like to give you the biggest hug ever. Thank you for being more than an inspiration, more than an "amazing person"- you are a saint, hands down. No one will ever convince me otherwise. I love you, buddy. Just show me the way.

Love, Megan

At 5:45 into this video is the dedication by Bono to Laurence at the Rose Bowl concert; almost 6 weeks after he met Laurence in Chicago.

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I think the rollercoaster metaphor is SO appropriate for something like this - and also a great reminder that even though it might be tricky at times, you should enjoy the journey and ride for all it's worth.

So glad you had a wonderful early birthday celebration! :)