Monday, July 19, 2010

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"Music is the universal language. Without it, I truly think humans would not survive. Melody and rhythm don’t discriminate either; so it doesn’t matter if you’re a homeless man in the city or Oprah-the right music can make the heart feel alive like nothing else in this world."- Nick Thomas, lead singer of The Spill Canvas.

I read that in an interview with Nick yesterday, ironically just as I was settling down to write a blog that answers the question "What inspires you".

My answer? Music. Nick's words summed it up better than I could ever possibly say. (He's kind of good with words, HA). Not a day goes by when I do not turn on my ipod, radio, pandora, cd, etc without finding inspiration in music. Sometimes it's through the instrumental aspect, but usually it's through words, since my other inspiration is writing. I love analyzing lyrics and finding a song that perfectly fits my mood or situation. I don't know where I would be without music, it keeps me going.

The past two days I have been such a lazy bum. I mean, I kind of needed's the first two full days off I've had in a while. But at the same time, I'm reminded of how poorly I do emotionally with "idle time". I have gotten myself into many webs of anxiety over this whole finding a job situation, and my mood has been brought down about 500 notches. I'm hoping this changes when I start babysitting the Carter's this week...and that I find a job soon so that this does not become a daily occurrence.

One of the things I did accomplish these past two days was finish reading "Up The Down Staircase". Someone suggested I read it way back in the beginning of the year, but I just got around to it. I was already familiar with the story because I was on stage crew for the play in high school, but reading it after what I did this year at Cristo Rey was a much different experience. Here is the description from Amazon:

Never before has a novel so compellingly laid bare the inner workings of a metropolitan high school. Up the Down Staircase is the funny and touching story of a committed, idealistic teacher whose dash with school bureaucracy is a timeless lesson for students, teachers, parents--anyone concerned about public education. Bel Kaufman lets her characters speak for themselves through memos, letters, directives from the principal, comments by students, notes between teachers, and papers from desk drawers and wastebaskets, evoking a vivid picture of teachers fighting the good fight against all that stands in the way of good teaching.

Reading it felt like someone took some of my stories from my year of teaching creative writing and put it in this book. I would recommend it to anyone, but specifically first year teachers...especially if you are teaching in an "urban" high school. Amazing book and I'm really glad I read it. I felt Miss Barret's passion for wanting to reach out to her students, and frustration when she felt like there was a wall that was not coming down. I felt the discouragement of parental involvement and administrative support, and laughed at the assignments the kids turned in.

Day 16- Someone Not In Your State/Country

Well this could be many people for me, but I'm going with my cousin Pat.

Dear Patrick,
I love you. You inspire me and I am so proud of you. I envy your strength and am constantly amazed by you. You are the best dad ever and your kids are very blessed to have such a strong helping hand every single day. I hope that I am able to come down to TN and spend time with you. Thank you for being a reminder of what it means to love fully. You are incredible. Keep on keeping on and know that I am praying for you.
Love, Megan

Day 17- Someone From Your Childhood
Dear Amy,
I think childhood and I instantly think of you. I could start listing off memories, but we'd be here all night...I just really cherish the memories of riding my bike to your house every day and playing all kinds of games. We really had some amazing imaginations, didn't we? I miss those days, when everything was easy and our biggest problem was deciding what kind of kool aid to drink. We spent every day together...many family dinners, birthday parties, backyard sports, etc. I can't even remember what we talked about, I just remember always being happy with you. As we grew older, we drifted, as to be expected, but I never stopped thinking about you or the good times we had. I'm so proud of you. You'll always be one of my best friends...and whenever you need to eat graham crackers with frosting and talk, I'm here. I love you always.
Love, Megan...Mary Kate :)

PS- I'm in the process of redoing my blog, so be on the lookout. Right now I'm just having fun making new headers.

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