Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm not there yet, but I will be.

So, I saw Eclipse...and I liked it. (Sung to the tune of "Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry).

I had kind of a rough day. Michigan has hit record highs this week, high 90's with a large helping of humidity. It's miserable outside...but even worse inside, with no air conditioning. I can't escape it, because our house is boiling and the school is about 10x worse. Today I was in near dramatic as that sounds, just try to imagine what this has been like...for five days I have slept for MAYBE two hours a night. Last night I legit had a fever because I was so hot. I wake up, go to a school with no ac and hot sweaty kids who are almost finished with summer school and therefore CRAZY. So I left work, headed to an appt and thinking I was going to see Eclipse...I decided I needed some me time and wanted to spend it in an air conditioned movie theatre :)

I had a little...bump in the road...for my plans, but all is okay now. Just had a very stressful hour or two when our car's battery light came on. All is well now, but the stress of phone calls, the heat, money, etc really took a lot out of me. My hands were shaking and I felt sick. To make a long story short, I'm at my parents house right now, and going to pick up the car in the morning. It's actually kind of nice being here, because for once in five days I may get some sleep!

Anyways, Eclipse. I def needed to see it today after my stress. I'm not a big Twilight fan...and by that I mean this: I read the books, I enjoyed them, and see the movies for pure entertainment reasons. I do not "want to find my Edward" or obsess over it. Eclipse really surprised me. The first two movies were major dissapointments, but this was actually pretty solid. I'm glad I saw it...and actually understood Edward a little bit. I'm very curious as to how Breaking Dawn will play out.

Tomorrow is my last day with my kids. Ever. I went through this once when I said goodbye to the kids who weren't going to summer school, now this is for real. I'm a little worried about it. There's one in particular I am not ready to leave. Wish me luck.

Speaking of luck...

Day 5.

Dear Dreams,
Hello, lovelies. I used to be scared of you. Petrified, actually. Scared that I would let you down, scared that other people would laugh. Scared that I would fail. Then, someone came in my life who taught me that dreams are reachable, that they are possible. She said "dream bigger than you've ever dreamed before because this has taught me that it's all possible". From that day forward, I've been proud of my dreams. I've openly discussed them, set small goals and made to do lists. There are so many of you, but I don't lose track. None of them are "small" or "unimportant". You are all so important and you keep me going every single day. I think of the word dreams and I just smile. I'm working so hard to make you into reality. You and I could change the world, together. I'm proud of my dreams. Dreams, don't ever give up on me, please. I won't give up on you. I'll keep working hard...and if I slip, just give me a little nudge and remind me that you are there, that you are reachable. See you soon, little guys. <3, Megan

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