Tuesday, June 15, 2010

so consider this a moment as defining who you are

Two years ago today, the world lost a very special young woman named Amanda Jones. It's hard to believe that was two years ago. Amanda played an important part in my life, and an even bigger role in my best friend's life. She taught lessons of courage, strength, and belief. Amanda taught me how to love unconditionally. She taught me how to see the beauty in every person I came in contact with. She taught me how to hope. I would not be the same person I am today without knowing Amanda. We lost her too young, just as we did with Laurence. Their lives are so similiar, their mission so clear, that I am confident they are enjoying each other's company up there in Heaven. I can feel it in my bones.

Whenever I think of Amanda or Laurence, which is daily, it reminds me to appreciate the people in my life with all I can. People can come in and out of our lives so quickly. We should always remember to appreciate and to love. People like Amanda and Laurence spent their entire lives fighting for love. We are lucky to be alive in this beautiful world, so let's do something about it. So, tell someone that you love them today.

Rest in sweet peace, Amanda Jones. Watch over us and help us to see the world as beautiful. Show us how to place our handprints of compassion on the map.

Two years ago is also the last time I saw Miss Jordin Sparks. In fact, it was just weeks before Amanda passed. Sam and I had talked to Jordin backstage about both Amanda and Laurence. The three of us cried and hugged. It was a moment I'll never forget. I am very excited that I get to see Jordin again tomorrow and thank her for giving Laurence the M.A.D award.

Here are my favorite lyrics from Jordin's second album, Battlefield.

It's the next verse in our unwritten story /in the first verse, I knew you did something for me /I'm tangled, got your arms wrapped around me /I fall and I fall and I fall

the story was supposed to last/you were never supposed to be/just somebody in the past

your love was a waste of time/you've been left behind

you better get here/cuz i'm dancing alone

there goes my attitude/i'm almost over you

that crazy chick don't know who she's messing with

this is the last straw, I'm leaving my life here. I'm packing my dreams up, and leaving my nightmares.

The choice is now all mine, for my destination/They ask why I'm rushing, my dreams are waiting/So fasten your seatbelt, 'cause I'm gonna make it

Cause I'm right here waiting/With open arms/I know you might feel shattered/But love should never bring you harm

so consider this a moment as defining who you are

Cause I know I'm strong enough/To carry us through

Why is it the smallest things that tear us down/My world's nothing when you're gone

I guess you better go and get your armor

We could pretend that we are friends tonight/And in the morning we'll wake up and we'll be alright/Cause baby we don't have to fight/And I don't want this love to feel like/a battlefield

Maybe my all just wasn't good enough/Was I the only one, only one in love?

And I don't understand how I can feel this pain/And still be alive/And all these broken dreams and all these memories/Are killing me inside

Every little tear/I was scared to cry/Everything I feared/But I kept inside
I don't wanna hold/It back one more day/Oh wash it away/Every tiny thought clouding
Up my head/Every single word that/I never said/I refuse to feel ashamed/Let it rain

All the hurt that's been stuck inside of me, make it pour, make it bleed, let the rain wash me clean (wash me clean) let it rain

So what if I came clean, and told you all you mean to me, so what if I meant every word I said, baby don't let it go to your head ...So what if I write your name, cause you're always on my brain, in a heart I paint in crimson red,
baby dont let it go to your head

Tell me what happened this time that Made you come back again ,I find out only see you when luck deserts you

I know you're busy so if you gotta go ,Then go but don't forget to leave my heart

know the world can be a brutal place, Please don't let it steal your smile away

And when you fall the hardest/You find how strong you are

Close your eyes ,Rest awhile, Its been a long long day, So come on baby baby, Have a little faith

Sometimes it takes a wall to tumble down ....For you to see who's gonna stick around

I'm ok, I'll survive/I only think about you half of the time /All these tears are just drops in the ocean baby/You barely even cross my mind, no no /And it doesn't hurt that much /It was only a papercut

The more I give, the less I get /Sometimes I wish that we never met /Cuz I was fine till you broke through/But don't worry baby, I'll get over you

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I dont need to tell you how much I miss Amanda. you know <3. and Hope you have an amazing time at the concert!! Tell Jordin Hey!