Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday

The past week or so has been a real test to my strength and ability to keep this weight loss thing going. I have barely been home, and didn't do as great at meal planning as I usually do. Typically,l even if I have a busy work week with lots of late nights, I am still able to plan my meals pretty well. I didn't this time, and I was surrounded by temptation.

And I, must admit, I gave in a couple times. Tom and I had pizza for lunch on Saturday. My menu options were limited, and I really didn't want to order a grilled chicken sandwich without a bun AGAIN. So I gave in and had pizza. Now, you and I both know that one meal does not make or break a lifestyle change, but for someone like me, one meal does put me down a slippery slope. I start to think "well, I had pizza, and I didn't gain weight, so I can probably have __________ too". NO! When I start doing that, I fall off the wagon. I want to stay in the wagon!

Tonight is my first night in my house without anything going on since Saturday, so I sat down and made my meal plan for the rest of the week- and I planned out my workouts. I am getting back on track!

Last I checked on the scale, I was down 66 lbs. I am a little scared to look due to said meal plan issue, so I won't look again until next week. My guess is I will stay about the same for a few weeks and drop again- as usual. At least, that's what I hope!

My biggest accomplishment in the last week is the fact that I rode 5 miles on my bike. Not a stationary bike, a real bike. I haven't ridden a bike in years. It felt so awesome to be out there, wind in my face, pushing myself to go up the big hills. I wasn't sure if I could do it at first, but I managed! What pushed me was thinking of my little buddy Claire, the little girl I am running/working out for because she has a disability that limits her. I thought of all the scary things she has to do every day and it made me push past my own fear!

So I guess that's it for me. I just wanted to share that the little voices in my head have been annoying lately and wanting me to quit. But I will not! I am going to prove them wrong! No quitting for me!

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