Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday

I am very pleased to announce that I dropped another pound and am now officially down 65 pounds...maybe even a little bit more than 65! I am confident that the plateau is over. I know I may hit a few more, but I just have to keep working. I busted my butt last week and crushed my "calories burned" goal. I just have to keep that up! I don't have a specific topic today, so here are some bullet points.

  • On Friday night I tried a new class: Pilates II. It was a step up from the Pilates I am used to and incorporated weight training and cardio. Just 10 minutes in, I was sore and tired. But I finished, and did my very best. The class isn't at the most convenient time: 7 pm on Friday nights...but I enjoyed it and think it will help me to strengthen my core. If you haven't tried Pilates yet, I do recommend it. It's fun (kind of) and challenging.
  • One thing I am working on is cutting down on carbs. I'm a carboholic. I love bread, potatoes, and pasta. But, I have heard again and again from people that those foods could be slowing me down. I am not going to totally cut out carbs, but I am watching my intake. Example? For lunch today I made a lettuce wrap instead of a sandwich. I order turkey burgers no bun. I skip the roll at Panera. Little things like that. For snacks I have been eating nuts or cottage cheese instead of pretzels.
  • My coworkers at my "new" (doesn't feel new!) job have been starting to notice my weight loss. Obviously they didn't know me before, but it's pretty cool that they have noticed a change since I started there. And being that I have lost about 25 lbs since February, it's reassuring to get those compliments. It means I am doing something right. 
  • I have been doing HIIT workouts on the days I don't take classes. So far I have done these:

  • Lately I have been jogging to the gym. It's a half a mile and I can make it almost the entire way without stopping. A 1/2 of a mile seems ridiculously short to most of you, I realize, but this coming from a girl who can barely run to first base in softball! I have been TRYING to jog back after my workout, but I usually end up speed walking. So at least I know that on the days I walk/jog to the gym, I am getting a full mile in!
  • I continue to hit further and run faster in softball. On Sunday, my brother in law was behind me in the line up. He's a strong hitter AND the fast human I know, so as soon as he hit the ball I just started running. And I managed to make it from first base to home plate TWICE without getting out. I have been playing softball since I was 10 and I have never once done that. 
The dress on the left is a size 22. The dress on the right is a size 16. It is the same designer.

PS: A year ago today I did my FIRST weight loss Wednesday blog! Amazing how far I have come since then!

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