Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Weight loss Wednesday

I did it! I am pretty sure I broke through my weight loss plateau. I didn't drop a ton of weight, but I did drop a lb. meaning I have lost 64.4 lbs. getting closer to 70! Now, if my weight hikes back up, I will be heading to my doctor to make sure there's nothing medical going on that would be holding me back from losing. I don't think there is, because I've still lost inches in my waist, but I just want to be sure.

I have started to incorporate HIIT training into my workouts, and I think it's making a big difference and strengthening my endurance. I will keep that up and keep trying to shock my body. I am also doing some zig zagging with my calorie intake to try to get my metabolism going. 

Some other successes besides the plateau break? 

-I did the color run on Saturday in 45 minutes. Last year it took me an hour. That's a whole 15 minutes shaved off my time! I ran a bit more this year. 

-lost about an inch and a half off my waist in the last month.

-can keep up in all my classes, even boot camp.

-lifting heavier weights

Some of my challenges include the SLOW weight loss, and the fact that I have some excess skin on my tummy area now. It is frustrating because it makes my stomach look bigger than it is, and it's tough to conceal it. I have heard again and again that because I'm young my skin should go back to normal, and I sure hope so. I will keep working at tightening my core, but I also know I can't spot reduce.

Emotionally, the plateau took a toll on me. I began to wonder if I can actually do this. I know that I can, and I can't give up. I just need to talk to the right people to get the help I need. I have those people, just need to reach out and have the conversations. 

I am not feeling to well today, so I apologize this post is boring. Just wanted to share the good news. I will keep marching on to reach my goal weight. I promise.

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