Monday, June 20, 2011

What's Going On

Life update time!

What I'm Doing:

Workin. I love my job. No day is the same, but if I were to capture a "typical, in the office day" it would look something like this:
-Arrive around 8:15-8:30.
-Listen to report and check e-mail, make calls if needed.
-Listen to the volunteer voicemails and take notes, input it into access.
-Go through any lose papers on my desk and put them in the right place.
-Charge and sync my work phone to see what evaluations I have to do that day. If I'm not sure what to do with a patient, I call or e-mail the social worker on the case to determine if the patient needs a volunteer at that time. I do some evaluations now, as well.
-Get my office volunteers started on projects.
-Plan for any upcoming events, trainings, etc.
-Lunch between 12-1.
-Work on long term projects such as lending library, social work kits, etc.
-Check volunteer voicemail again
-Call/e-mail volunteers reminders, upcoming important dates
-Recruit new volunteers, or communicate with pending volunteers about missing paperwork
-Finish vists on work phone

That doesn't make it sound very fun, but I promise it is. Most days I have SOMETHING going on that I have to accomplish...introducing a volunteer to a patient, training new volunteers, etc...

Writing a book: Most of you saw that on my last update...the facebook page is officially up and running, so please "like" it and participate in our discussions! Hoping to do my first interviews late June/early July.

Working Out: I have missed more gym visits than I would like, but I am really focused on getting healtheir. I'm eating much better, planning out my meals, and working out. Right now I'm taking two Zumba classes and a Total Body Workout class. TBW is awesome, but very challenging.

Trying to spend as much time with people I love as possible: Between working, writing, and working out, I'm finding myself exhausted and more likely to sit at home and watch movies than hang out with friends. But I've been better and had a few dinner/lunch dates. Yesterday I went over to Martha's for Caroline's 2nd Birthday Party and had an absolute BLAST. Sure I wasn't with anyone my age, but it was a great time.

What I'm Listening Too:

Kate Voegele's new album, Gravity Happens. It is so wonderfully, beautifully written with a mixture of fun pop songs and dramatic lyrical masterpieces. One of my favorite albums of 2011.

Christina Perri. The first time I heard "Jar of Hearts" on the radio way, way back, I had goosebumps. I'm ecstatic that she released an album. She's outstanding. Singer/songwriter, but with edge. Haunting lyrics and unique voice. I highly recommend checking out her album.

Nakia, from The Voice. Talk about soul! This boy has it. He definatley has my vote. I actually downloaded some of his pre- "The Voice" music- and it's fantastic as well. Go download his "Sex is On Fire" performance, for two reasons 1. I just did on Friday night and it is already in my top 25 most played. 2. It's a vote for him :)

Mumford and Sons. Guess I'm on a "soul" roll, because they pour their soul into the lyrics and vocals of this entire album.

David Cook. Cook fans are rejoicing because his new album is SO CLOSE! It's released June 28th but streaming live now on AOL. I'm actually not even a Cook fan. I mean, I like the dude. I have a few songs from his first album...but today I listened to the new one on AOL Radio and I am beyond impressed. I am crossing my fingers that it gets the attention it deserves because this album, I'm sure, was well worth the wait.

Other bands/artists I'm really into at the moment? Adele (Duh), Lady Antebellum, JillandKate, NeedToBreathe, Never Shout Never

What I'm Watching: I don't watch many summer shows. Once SYTYCD goes live, I will watch that...I HAVE been watching The Voice. Favorites are Nakia and Beverly, but there are so many talented people on that show it really is hard to pick. I'm enjoying it, but NOT enjoying Christina Auguleria. Barf.

What I'm Reading: "If You Were Here" by Jen Lancaster, one of my favorite authors. All her previous books have been hilarious, down to earth memoirs. This is her first fiction book. I'm enjoying it, it has the exact vibe of her memoirs that I get confused when her character's name comes up, because I'm expecting it to be "Jen". Anyways, I recommend it for a laugh, for anyone who has been through the house hunting experience especially. Up next I'll be reading Made To Crave.

So I guess that's me in a nutshell. What's going on with you guys?

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Ooh, thanks for the book recommendation! I've heard great things about Jen's novel and will definitely be adding it to my to-read list.

So glad things are going well for you :)