Friday, June 10, 2011

2nd graders thoughts, final edition.

This is my last "2nd Graders" post until September, when my mom gets a new batch of kids who will no doubt make me laugh and inspire some of these blog posts. I was quite close with this year's group. I credit that mostly to Lizzy, one of the Carter kids who I adore. Plus, this year's class consistently prayed for me to get a job, pray for members of my family who are sick, drew pictures for a gift a gave Melinda, and were just so darn cute.

Their last assignment of the year was to write "10 Things I Learned from Mrs. Carolin". They could not be academic. Here are some of their adorable answers.

Notre Dame is the best football team in the world.

The most important thing is NO ARGUING WITH THE TEACHER.

I should never take Christ out of Christmas (Xmas)

Tony is A-1’s angel.

Never, ever, under any condition argue with Mrs. Carolin.

Mrs. Carolin is a clean freak, if you’re desk isn’t clean, you’re in trouble.

We cannot say shut up. Mrs. Carolin's kids could not say it when they were kids and they still don't.

Don’t talk in church because it is God’s house.

You should always say, Maggie and I, and not me and Maggie, or Mrs. Carolin will correct you.

A bad tone of voice is unacceptable.

Nobody can make you do anything….it’s your choice.

Don’t say bad words because Jesus doesn’t want us to.

Never count on your fingers unless absolutely necessary.

You should always pray the rosary because Mary asked us to.

Never cheat on a test because the teacher wants to know what you know, not your neighbor.

Always love Notre Dame.

Always be a good friend and let others play.

Never steal Mrs. Carolin’s FAT PENCILS.

Second grade is the only year you will receive two sacraments

Be a follower of Jesus.

Pray every day, anytime or anywhere.

Use proper grammar because people always say, “I am done.” People get finished.

Laurence and Tony are very special to Mrs. Carolin.

Mrs. Carolin only has two hands, she cannot help everyone at once.

Prayer can be in the form of a song.

N.E.V.E.R. argue with the teacher, no matter what (even if your teacher is a softie)

It is unacceptable to go ahead of the teacher because she knows more than you.

Do not snap your fingers because it is annoying.

Don’t do your homework in school. That’s why it’s called HOMEwork.

Use proper grammar like, saying ly (as in quickly instead of quick).

Never, no never, no never should you swear.

Do not shove people. Say, “Excuse Me.”

You should say yes and not yeah.

Mrs. Carolin wants a grandchild.

Mrs. Carolin has three children. Maureen is married to Dave. Jonathon likes to play tricks on his mom. Megan took me to Red Robin.

I know, they are adorable little boogers, aren't they?

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Shari said... Add Reply

Mrs. Carolin wants a grandchild.
^So cute!

I love all the grammar sentences, especially the one about done vs. finished. I definitely taught the same thing to my student teaching kids!