Tuesday, December 14, 2010

long live the walls we crashed through

I've been waiting for the kids to go to sleep so I can get on the computer and blog about the really cool conversation I had today. For those who need to be brought up to speed- I'm babysitting two kids this week who I babysit for overnight quite often- every other week since mid October. My mom taught the boy in her class last year, but they don't go to that school anymore. ANYWAYS.

Today, they had a snow day. At first that terrified me. I can do personal snow days, where I just lay in bed all day and watch Glee. But having to entertain children on snow days? No. Incase you don't know much about me, let me just say I hate snow. I hate cold. I despise winter sports of any kind, snowman building included. So I was not excited about today. But...it was kind of one of the best days ever.

We had a lazy morning. Christmas episode of Spongebob, waffles. Then I printed off a bunch of coloring pages, blank greeting cards, connect the dots, etc and made little booklets for the kids. Decided it would be best to keep them busy! Well, that lasted about 30 minutes. then the question I had been hoping would never come up- can we go play outside? My almost immediate response was "no. I'm reading Emily Giffin and drinking coffee. YOU can go outside.". But then I decided against wearing my Grinch pants that day and said "sure, let's go outside." Not only did we make the best man made sledding hill ever, but we also made an igloo. AN IGLOO. It was cold, but so much fun. Then we came in for hot chocolate and more Christmas Spongebob (I've now seen that episode at least 15 times). Then the cool conversation happened (sorry it took me so long to get here, but I had to document that I actually had a good time outside. in the winter.).

The three of us were talking about saints. Don't ask me why because with these kids I can never keep track. And I said that it takes a really long time to become a saint.

Claire "Yeah, like Laurence should be a saint..."
Me "Laurence? Which Laurence?"
Claire "You know that dude?"
Me "...I think so..."
Claire "He had cancer in his brain and he died. But he was really good"
Me "Claire, that was my cousin"

Now. This was remarkable for a few reasons. Claire has severe learning disabilities. It takes a LOT for her to remember things. So for her to remember Laurence, even though he was talked about an awful lot last year in school, was amazing. He obviously made quite an impact on her, and the rest of the family. It just reminded me how much his story had touched peoples lives, even a seven year old girl with no relation to him. I still think of Laurence in some way shape or form daily, and have tried so hard to mold my life around his mission (although I will never come close), but today's conversation just took me by such shock and surprise...in the best way possible. I love that guy, too.

The rest of the day was just as great as the morning- we even went BACK outside. I really enjoyed it, but I sure hope they have school tomorrow because I am out of snow day ideas.

I wrote something today that is so cheesy it could be an Idol coronation song. Seriously. But lately it has been so rare for me to find inspiration that I wanted to share. Also...in my head this is a rap. Which I know is even more ridiculous than magic rainbows...but I can't stop listening to Nicki Minaj's album so I'm blaming it on that.

I believe music can save our souls
And connect even the loneliest strangers
Who are anxiously waiting for that curtain up, cue the band
Belly up to the barricade
Singing along to the words they know so well
Escaping reality with thousands of their closest friends
Cuz no one gets them like these lyrics and melodies
I don't believe in lost causes
Everyone deserves to be found
I was one of them, destined for failure
But baby look at me now, I believe in me
and I believe in you

I believe everyone has a voice
So if you'r waiting your for your turn
This is me telling you it's time
You are important and you better believe
You are loved
So step up, stand up, and be loud
I don't believe in lost causes
Everyone deserves to be found
I was one of them, destined for failure
But baby look at me now, I believe in me
and I believe in you

I believe that time is precious
And life can't always be according to our plans
So lose the grudge, forgive, and love hard
Love with all you've got
Because of all the things I believe in
I believe the right answer is always love


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Shari said... Add Reply

First - YAY for Emily and coffee on a cold snow day :D Your outdoor adventures sound like a lot of fun, though, and it must have meant so much to the kids to have you join them. Glad you had fun!

Claire's comments about Laurence are so, so sweet. There's nothing like the innocence of a child to get to the heart of the matter. She's just one example of many, many people who Laurence impacted with his loving heart and compassionate ways.

Also - love the lyrics. They're inspiring and really make me believe in the power of hope and faith :)