Thursday, December 16, 2010

All I Ever Wanted Was You To Be There For Me

So I have a few things I wanted to say, and rather than bombard facebook newsfeeds, I thought I'd just compile it in a blog.

First of all I just want to thank everyone who shared my most recent blog. It was my 2nd most read entry ever. (First place is one where I quote Taylor Swift's liner notes about Speak Now, and most of those hits were from people googling it). Anyways, it meant a lot to me because all of my hits came from various facebook links of people who shared my blog. Laurence's dad one of them, as well as an organization called Airplane Day which recgonizes Laurence's humanitarian efforts. So, thank you! It touches my heart that people still like to hear those stories :)

Secondly, I went and visited my mom's classroom again today. Since I was doing MVC last year and in college the past four years, I haven't been able to really get to know one of her classes in a few years. I like to get to know the kiddies so I can put a face to the names. Plus, my mom works really hard and I like to see it in action. I know from the stories I hear from parents and kids what a wonderful teacher she is, so I always feel quite proud watching her do her thing. Today was the Christmas pagaent. They were so adorable! I wanted to squeeze their little cheeks. And I'm not just saying this cuz I'm biased, but my mom's kids totally did the best of all the 2nd graders. I didn't expect to me struck by a second grade Christmas play, but I was at one of the lines.

It happened during a song where Joseph was begging the innkeepers to let them stay there. All of the kids then turned to the audience, pointed at us, and said "innkeepers, inkeepers, do you have room for a child?". I thought it was so powerful and profound! That line stayed with me for the rest of the day- DO I make time for Jesus? Do I have room for him in my heart/mind? I'm definatley guilty of "pushing God aside" or making excuses, claiming to be too busy. What these little adorable kids taught me today is that you are never too busy or too full. There's always room for Jesus. You just have to find it and be willing. Thanks, kids.

After the play I hung out in the classroom for a while, laughing hysterically at some of the things they were saying. I found it really adorable that they were asking me to do things for them, as if I was the teachers aide. Or that many of them asked me to read the letters they got from their parents. Or my homegirl Lizzy helping me out when my mom DID put me in charge for a few minutes. She was giving me all kinds of tips and hints. Thanks, Lizzy.

So, tomorrow starts Christmas break. Which I realize is kind of nonexistant once you are out of college, but here's the deal. Last year was my first year out of college, but I was working at a school and got two weeks off for break. This year I work for an academic program, our kids go home on weekends and breaks. So technically, I'm on break as well. Except that as the on call staff person, I'll be working quite a few days over break. I have the 23rd-26th off, then the 30-January 2nd. I'm excited, though. Time to make cookies, spend time with the family. Reflect on a year of some major ups and downs. Get ready for 2011.

Finally, I have to share this video. It is the first single for Crystal Bowersox, who's debut album was just released on Tuesday. It's an incredible album. This song is called "Farmer's Daughter", and it is about the abuse and neglect she went through as a young girl. Very powerful.

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