Wednesday, October 6, 2010

save a life; listen to new music

What are you going to do today? Read a book, watch Law and Order, go to work, or class? Every day we go through the motions. We make decisions that will be the best for us and those we love. There are some people in this world who can't make thos decisions. They are struck with disease. Malaria is one of those diseases, and it kills a child in Africa every 45 seconds.... but it's preventable. We can play a role in STOPPING those deaths. That whole idea is absolutley incredible to me. So what are you going to do about it? Well, try and spice it up a little bit. You can go home to your family and say "I saved a life today". All you need is $10. You can go to to donate one bednet. That's all it takes.

The reason I am asking you to do this TODAY is because of my idol, inspiration, and friend, Melinda Doolittle, whose birthday is today. Melinda is asking all of her twitter followers and facebook friends to donate one bednet. Melinda is the most selfless, compassionate person I have ever known. As we celebrate her life, we can save other lives. You can help other people have another birthday. Please buy a bednet today in Melinda's name. Help her wish come true and save a life.

While you're opening a new tab to donate, I'll keep writing. There's some new music I have to tell you about.

Four of my favorite male artists released albums yesterday. Four! What a great day for music for this girl.

Jason Mraz, Life is Good EP. I was ecstatic when Jason announced he was releasing a new EP. It's been far too long. All of the songs are live, which adds a fun twist. But that doesn't mean I don't highly recommend it. I'll say this- only Jason Mraz can make a song called "Mama's Song", about listening to what your mom tells you, sexy. He also sneaks one of his signature reggae songs in there, and inspires with "Up" and "Freedom Song". Yet another great project from Mr. Mraz.

Bruno Mars, Doo-Wops and Hooligans. I was introduced to Bruno Mars on the hit song by Travie Mccoy, "Billionaire" Bruno lent his voice for the track. The first time I heard that song, my ears ignored everything but Bruno's voice. Who is this guy and where can I buy HIS music? On his debut solo album, Bruno showcases his incredible voice and vocal range, creativity, and song writing skills. The album is refreshing- Bruno's voice is unqiue and a nice change from all the other junk on the radio right now. No autotune, just pure raw talent. I absolutley love this album. It's one of my favorites of the year, competing for the top spot with Sara Barielles. It's an album that everyone can appreciate, no matter what genre of music you prefer. Favorite songs include:

Matthew West, Story of Your Life. This isn't just any old album- it is an experience. Matthew West made a bold move with this album- he simply asked people to tell him their stories. The stories fled in, and Matthew spent a great deal of time turning the stories into songs for his album. A genius move. Involve the people, get their stories out. Everyone likes a song they can relate to, and Matthew made an entire album of those songs. The personal, moving songs deliver a message of faith and hope. I strongly reccommend giving this a listen. You could find YOUR story in one of these songs. I did- my song is "My Own Little World". Which one is your story? Promise me you will listen to the album. It is truly a beautiful piece of art.

David Archuleta, The Other Side of Down. If you're looking for a pop album that will lift your spirits, this is it. On American Idol, I wasn't on the David fan train. (Let's be real, we all know who I was rooting for during Season 7. His name starts with a C and ends with a hikezie...but since that music career has gone down the drain... oh yes I did.) BUT, I could never deny his outstanding, mature vocals. I just found David a little boring. Well, he certainly proved me wrong with this album. It's upbeat, catchy, fun...99% of the album is aimed at optimism. David managed to make an album full of songs about what he belivies in, in a way that will reach out to people and make them listen. He does all of that AND still found a way to make each song different. His vocals are flawless, as usual. It is clear that David took his time with this album, and it paid off. His song writing ability and creativity really shines through each song. I have several favorite tracks, and each for a different reason. I related to this album and can guaruantte most everyone else can as well. You'll be missing out on a fantastic pop album if you don't give this a listen...and who knows? Maybe you will find some encouragement through it as well. I know I did. Thank you, David, for this real gift of an album. I'll give you a few favorites: Stomping the Roses (no surprise, considering the co-writer is another favorite artists of mine, Bryce Avery), Things Are Gonna Get Better, and My Kind of Perfect.

Take a listen, let me know what you think. Oh, and don't forget to save a life today.

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