Saturday, July 31, 2010

to live would be an awfully big adventure

Right now I'm sitting on my couch, listening to We The Kings. All of my stuff that was once in my room is now in various bags and boxes in the room next to me. My bedroom is completly empty, ready for a new volunteer to move into. All my "end of the year house duties" are over. No one else is here. The boys have moved out and Katie is on an overnight trip for her work. That may seem sad, spending my last night in Detroit alone, but I think it's what I needed. It's given me my own special time to reflect on the year and say goodbye in my own way. Quite perfect, actually.

It's over. The new volunteers are just a few miles away at orientation and will move in next weekend. It's their turn to breathe in Detroit and to touch a few lives on the way. I'm so happy for them, and excited for their new adventure. A year ago, that was me- nervous as all heck, with absolutley no idea what to expect. So hard to believe a year has gone by so fast.

Here are some of my favorite memories of the year, some not directly related to MVC:
-Meeting the JV's at Church
-BBQ at Mike and Amy's
-Laurence meeting Bono
-Awkward party at Dean's where we all met for the first time
-Building a fort with some of the JV's to watch SNL
-First open house party
-Meeting Kelly Clarkson and having my face rocked off at her concert
-Halloween party at JVC house
-Archie in Ann Arbor with Sam
-Nate's work Christmas Party
-Noel Night
-Adopt A Family Project with kids
-Lady Gaga Concert
-Laurence winning the M.A.D. award
-Jason Castro in Ann Arbor
-Grayling, MI in Feb
-Retreat at McCauley
-Surprise visit to see Sam
-St Patrick's Day (cabbage with Frank!)
-Spill Canvas concert (even though I was beat up)
-Imogen Heap concert
-Cristo Rey Garden Party
-Silent retreat
-Walk for Lupus
-Transition Retreat
-Jordin Concert
-last day of school
-volunteer ceremony with sisters of mercy
-closing open house party
-every spirituality night
-every day at cristo rey

Here I go...a new adventure. Wish me luck.

Day 27- The Friendliest Person You Only Knew For A Day

Um. Skip.

Day 28- Someone that Changed Your Life

Dear Melinda,
I already wrote you one letter here, so I won't be too repetative. Just know that you did change my life, I am so grateful for you, and I love you. Thank you for helping me find my strength.
Love, Meggie Banana

Day 29- The person that you want tell everything to, but too afraid to

Dear You-
I wish I could tell you everything, but you would never understand. Oh well.


Shari said... Add Reply

What a truly special experience you've had. Isn't it amazing to think what a difference a year can make sometimes? For as small as it seems in the grand scheme of things, sometimes it can be so life-altering. I'm so glad this year has been such an inspiring, memorable one for you. And remember - YOU have changed so many lives along the way and YOU have been an inspiration to so many of us. Whatever journey is waiting for you next, I know that will continue :)

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