Thursday, December 31, 2009

new year.

Well, only 6 1/2 hours left of 2009. I've already reflected on my year, gone through old pictures, cards, journaling, and blogs. I have to say this again: What a damn good year. (Excuse my language).

So tomorrow is a fresh start. A new beginning. I fully believe in new beginnings. Just because you had a rough day today, or maybe even a really rough year, does not mean it's the end for you. I personally have a hard time letting go of things, I cherish good memories and internalize the bad ones. I torment myself on what I could have done better to save a friendship or stop something bad from happening. However, I've learned to let go. There's no point in keeping all negativity in my life packed up in boxes. Open up those boxes and throw them out. You don't need anyone else telling you what to do or how to live your life. Be you. Be the BEST you that you can be. Wake up every morning with a fresh attitude. If we keep letting the small things build up, we turn into a mess.

I'm also a believer in resolutions. Maybe not life changing resolutions, but small goals that you know you can achieve. Find someone that can help motivate you. Write a post it and put it somewhere you will see it everyday. On that note, here are mine:

-Exercise. I've been doing really well on my weight loss journey (besides Christmas break. I hate you, cookies.) However, I'm not losing weight at the speed I would like to because I am not exercising. I would like to get a membership at the Y, as long as I can find the time to get over there.
-Keep in better touch with the other MVC communities. I know we're all super busy, but I would like to talk more with my friends I made at orientation and be able to share ideas with them.
-Keep organized on my paperwork for school. I get a little overwhelmed and lazy when it comes to the paperwork for the lunch program. I need to stay on top of that.
-Live in the moment and say yes to opportunities. Although I have progressed with my anxiety issues, I still let it get the best of me and turn things down sometimes. I would like to make the BEST of this experience with MVC and to do as much as possible.
-Stay positive about my future. I get so nervous and anxious about what I'm going to do in June. I need to remind myself to just let go and let God take me wherever He needs me to be.

Alright, I have to go get ready. I hope you all have a fabulous New Year's Eve celebration. Love you.

OH! I'm not sure if I've posted this...but here you go...I wrote this in November.

Who let me fall for you
How could this happen
I’m supposed to be strong on my own
Don’t need you to hold my hand
So why is it that
When you’re around I feel weak
I could crumble at any moment
Just by looking into those dark eyes
I put my guard down
Suddenly I need you to save me
To run away with me far away from here
I don’t know how this happened
I’m supposed to be strong on my own
I always said I didn’t need love
I’d do just fine in this crazy world on my own
But when you’re around everything changes
I suddenly need you to save me
Let’s start over somewhere new
In a place where I don’t have to hide my feelings from you
Cuz suddenly all I want is for you to save me

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It is not easy to let all the negatives out of the box....but I am going to try harder!

I love you Megs!

love, mom