Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Do Something :)

December 1st is World Aids Day. HIV/AIDS is a viruse that attacks the body's immune system. Often times, our world immediatley classifies HIV/AIDS with a specific group of people. In reality, this deadly disease affects more people than ever before. HIV/AIDS can be passed through sex without a condom, sharing of needles, during pregnancy. The disease is treatable (although no cure yet) and preventable, yet almost 40,000 people die DAILY in Africa. Together, we can make a stand to educate and prevent HIV/AIDS. Most importanly, we need to break the silence of this disease. So many people find it embarassing or something to be ashamed of or mocked...this disease should not be a secret. No one should be silently suffering. If you are not educated on the disease or ways you can help, visit www.aids.gov or www.worldaidsday.org . Encourage young people to get tested. Teach safe sex. Do whatever you can to keep each other safe. We're here on this earth to look out for one another. Do your part...do something.

This holiday season, let's all do our part to help those in great need. At school today, we announced our project for the season. The cool part about it is that it's going to be almost complelty student run. We are doing the "adopt a family" program and donating food to those in need. Our prinicpal asked for volunteers from each grade level to volunteer for different jobs: collecting money, collecting nonparishable food items, using the money to buy more food and some gifts, wrapping gifts, and delivering the gifts to the families. Honestly, I was a little worried we'd be begging kids to volunteer. Shame on me, because when I walked past the sign up sheet, it was complelty full- there were names written all over the page. I stopped and smiled, seeing how enthusiastic they were about helping others. We all know our kids don't have that much to begin with, but the fact that so many of them were willing to put that aside really touched my heart. I'm excited about it and anxious to see how it plays out these next three weeks.

So, my dears...what are you going to do this season ?

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