Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 In Music and Movies

2009 was an amazing year in entertainment. We had some epic award shows, incredible albums, and touching movies. I love reflecting on the year and looking ahead to what's next. Before I get to my personal reflections and memories, I'm making my (meaning...what I listen to...not what the critics say, thank you) list of favorites of the year. Ready? Here we go.

Top 10 Albums

10) John Mayer- Battle Studies
9) Gavin DeGraw- Free
8) Kate Voegele- A Fine Mess
7) Jordin Sparks-Battlefield
6) Taylor Swift- Fearless Platinum
5) Jason Mraz: Beautiful Mess LIVE
4) Mandisa- Freedom
3) Lady GaGa- The Fame Monster
2) Kelly Clarkson- All I Ever Wanted
1) Melinda Doolittle- Coming Back To You

10 Favorite Singles (Some albums were not released in 09, but these singles were)

10) Taylor Swift- You Belong With Me
9) Kanye West- Heartless
8) Beyonce- Single Ladies
7) Gavin DeGraw- I Have You To Thank
6) Jason Mraz- Lucky
5) Lady Antebellum- Run To You
4)Jordin Sparks- Battlefield
3) Kelly Clarkson- My Life Would Suck Without You
2) Lady GaGa- Bad Romance
1) Melinda Doolitle- It's your Love

10 Favorite Non-Singles (all from albums released in 2009).

10) Kate Voegele- Lift Me Up
9) Mandisa- Freedom Song
8) David Archuleta- Zero Gravity
7) Gavin DeGraw- Glass
6) Jordin Sparks- Let It Rain
5) Taylor Swift- Superstar
4) Lady GaGa- Speechless
3) Kelly Clarkson- The Day We Fell Apart
2) Jason Mraz- Beautiful Mess
1) Melinda Doolittle- I Will Be

10 Favorite Movies I saw

10) I Love You, Man
9) Twilight: New Moon
8) Wolverine
7) The Hangover
6) Zombieland
5) Harry Potter 6
4) Up
3) My Sister's Keeper
2) The Proposal
1) The Blind Side

Movies I Still Want To See:
- Adventureland (Watching right at this moment and so far I love it).
-Time Traveler's Wife
-Julie and Julia
-Princess and the Frog
-Where The Wild Things Are
-This Is It

Second blog coming up tonight or tomorrow about my personal experiences this year.

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