Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One of my favorite things in the world is laughter. The sound of it, the feeling, all of it. No one should go a day without laughing. I am lucky to be surrounded by people who make me laugh. My kids, my co-workers, my community members, my family, and my friends. I laugh pretty easily, even get the "stop laughing so much" comments.

I am grateful for friends who make my stomach hurt from laughing. Everyone should have friends like that. Lately I've been so focused on work and community life that I haven't stayed in contact with some of my best friends as well as I should. I apologize- you guys know that you have my heart, and that I love you dearly. I think of you on a daily basis and send warm thoughs and hugs your way. You're all such special people. Never forget that.

So, guess the heck what? I, Megan Carolin, am meeting Kelly Clarkson. That's right folks. I made a list over the summer of things to do before I leave this world, and meeting Kelly is one of them. I've told people as soon as I meet Kelly and Oprah, I can die happy. Now I'm meeting her. I cannot wait, seriously so excited. I had to reread the email seven times, because I couldn't believe that it actually said "CONGRATULATIONS!". SERIOUSLY? Kelly is the reason I got into music, the reason I started writing. 99% of her songs relate to my life. I can't wait to FINALLY thank her for everything she's done in my life. I've waited seven years for this :-)

Things at the school are still going very well. I face each day with an open mind and a smile, because I know that it's going to be completly different than the day before. The kids make me so happy, when I see an attitude change or just something funny that they say. Their creative writing amazes me, their way of handling conflict is getting stronger. I am just so happy to be here at a critical time in their life. They teach me more and more every day. I had a very touching moment with a student today who was almost in tears, but she said to me "but Miss Carolin you have taught me that my faith will get me through". I could have cried, because that is what I have been trying to get through to this student from the start. I am so glad she is starting to pick up on it. I thank the people in MY life who taught me the same thing. The toughest part right now is getting them motivated academically. Most of them have never been pushed hard before, so they don't understand the concepts. We have to get them excited for college and working hard to get in. I wish they appreciated their education more, they really are so lucky to be at such a wonderful school.

I stole this from someone, but I think it's an amazing idea and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for all of you to contribute:

I'm going to put together a simple booklet of daily prayer and reflection pulled together from anyone interested. I would be looking for reflections of any kind that would fit onto a half page. This could include poetry, artwork, biblical reflection on the moment, recipes, prayers, music (lyrics), or anything you can think of. E-mail or snail mail me the pieces (contact me for an address). I'd like to have everything by the last in November so I can start getting it organized. Feel free to send in more than one item, or to pass this along. Thanks :-) I'll tweet reminders.

I hope the week ends well for everyone! I love you!

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Shari said... Add Reply

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'm going to tell you again how THRILLED I am that you finally get to meet Kelly!! It's going to be an experience you treasure forever. A few tips...

1. Bring a notecard with everything you want to say. Seriously, do it ... she'll be amused, and it will help you greatly when you get up there and suddenly can't remember anything you wanna say ;-)
2. Write down everything you say/she says as soon as you can so you'll remember as many details as you can.
3. Make sure to tell her your name so she doesn't have to ask you a couple minutes into the conversation :P

And most importantly, have the most amazing time EVER!!!! :D Tenth time really IS the charm!!