Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Music!

I haven’t done a “new music post” in a while, so I have some albums to discuss…and by some, I mean many.

Jason Castro announced today that his album will NOT be released in November, but rather next year. I’m so disappointed! I was all excited for new Jason music. He’s one of my favorites ever, and I really believe that his album will be one of my favorites. Anyways, his first single was released in September, and I loved it! It is so perfect for him. I really hope he continues to make music because there is something so special about his voice. Download his single “Let’s Just Fall In Love Again” and keep your ears open for updates!

Bethany Dillon’s album was released in September also. I first heard of her via suggestion from Mandisa, and I love her music. She’s a young Christian artist and all of her songs have a wonderful message. “Get Up and Walk” relates very closely to my life story, so that’s probably my favorite song.

Next up is the Boys Like Girls album. It is such a good pop/rock album. They are a good band, I’m glad I got into them. Their single “Love Drunk” is a good example of their typical music, but my favorite songs are “Two Is Better Than One” (exactly how I feel about someone) and “Go” because it’s inspiring- I want to play it for my students!

Howie Day…I had no idea that he was releasing a new album until I found it on Amazon. It’s so amazing and I am ecstatic that he is touring with Colbie- perfect match. Favorite song is “Be There”.

I first saw Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers when they opened for Hanson. I digged their music, and have bought all their albums since. The one that they released in September is awesome. It’s indie/acoustic/rock-ish. Ha. I love it! Favorite song is “See Yourself”- another inspirational one, paired with an amazing voice.

Next is Landon Pigg (wow, lots of male artists this time around!) You may know recognize his voice from an ATT commercial- “Falling in Love in A Coffee Shop”. I love all his songs, but my favorite is probably “The Boy Who Never”.

I downloaded Blake’s new album today. To be honest, I was a fan of his first album. There were a lot of songs I listened to frequently. This one is pretty decent, I don’t like as many of the songs. My favorite is for SURE “The Point”, which has no techno or beat boxing. Love it!

Finally, my first Christmas album downloads of the year- Anthony Evans! Oh it’s so good, I love this guy. What a great soulful voice! He puts his own spin on great Christmas songs. I can’t quite pick a favorite yet!

The end 

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