Thursday, October 15, 2009

I've been up all night waiting for a song that will make me feel alright

"With a spirit so neat
One that someone else can't beat
A heart as big as the earth
To know you really is a treat

I think you're really grand
For some people I can't stand
Don't worry it's never you
I'm glad you're here Miss Carolin"
-Poem written by one of my students....she handed it to me after school. The note said- "To Miss Carolin- One of the greatest new people in my life! By Jasmine"

How adorable? I love it! I'm keeping it forever.

Today was a pretty great day. The class that usually gives me trouble was alright, although I have been noticing a divide between groups of students. I mean a HUGE divide. Peer mediation soon? Check.

I had my creative writing class again today, passed out packets on how to write a scary story. I don't know how, but somehow this turned into a religious discussion. It was awesome, and I am thankful to be working at a school where I can openly share my views. Many of the students are not Catholic, but to just sit down and talk about God with a group of 14 year old kids is so awesome! They are pretty much in the same place I was at that age, so it's cool to be able to tell them stories and relate to them. A lot of funny things happened today, but I won't embarass anyone in the process of sharing. The best part of my day was when two students tried to teach me the moon walk after school in the gym. Such goofballs, I love it.

It's been brought to my attention how many of these kids are struggling with low self-esteem and periods of sadness or depression. It triggered memories of my own high school years and what made me hurt the most back then- usually it was my anxiety, fights with friends, a bad grade, family fights, boy problems...I'd say that these kids are going through the same thing, but if we're being honest they are dealing with much worse. Most of them are just so lonely, which breaks my heart. No one should feel that alone. I remember times when I was so lonely, there was always someone there to eventually pull me out of that. I just hope these kids have someone. If I could take them all home and make sure that they are safe and loved, I would. I know better than to get emotionally attached, but it's tough sometimes.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

Currently listening to: "Radio, Radio"- Brooke White

PS: Which should I be for Halloween? A) Dorothy B) 80's Rockstar C) Teenager (dressed in Twilight, HSM, Miley, Jonas gear)

PPS: Don't forget to send me your favorite prayers, poems, lyrics, art work, etc! Thanks!

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