Monday, April 30, 2012

x factor

I know I can't say much because I'm a huge American Idol fan, but I'm not on board with the "X" factor. When you ask people what this means, they act like it's a simple answer- the it factor. That "thing" that makes someone stand out.  Can we elaborate? What makes a person have "IT"?

For Simon Cowell it's someone who can sell records, get a crowd going, please the people. But what about in our daily lives? Do we look for the "x factor" in friendships or relationships? Probably. We choose who we want to be friends with, right? I mean we sure choose who we DON'T want to be friends with sometimes. Wouldn't it be interesting if we judged our friends like they do on the show? "Sorry, that didn't cut it for me. You were better last week". Or "I'm just not sure you have what it takes. You're just not ready".  Or "I know you were sick this week, but you could have tried a little harder". How rude would that be? If I ever acted like that I sure hope someone would tell me to check myself.

I think that's the point though. We need to get off our high horse. Not everyone is going to be perfect, and it's not our job to judge them on their flaws. They are who they are.  People are going to make mistakes, people are going to change. That doesn't mean they don't have The X Factor. It means they are human.

OH, or what if God went all Simon on us when we arrived at the gates of heaven? "I was going to say yes, but I really don't think that outfit worked for you, so I vote no".  "You're just not as good as the other angels, that's all. Sorry.". NO! God loves us for who we are! It doesn't matter what we're wearing or how we compare ourselves to others. He loves us individually and unconditionally.

PS: I'm willing to admit Idol is the same way. We take 10 kids, force them to have personality or wear a ridiculous outfit, judge them, and vote for them. We then "idolize" them, put them in the spotlight and tear them apart until one winner is named. Months later, no one remembers all ten. They go from heroes and idols to that girl who sings at the bar. And for what? A chance at a career for them, pure enjoyment for us. I just got way off track. My point? We judge people too much, and we will watch anything for enjoyment.

I'm not sure if this blog made sense to anyone but me...but...cheers.

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