Saturday, April 21, 2012


There are certain words that I use to define myself. Certain words that describe me personally. One thing I always say? I am a very sentimental person. I mean, very.

I get attached to people really easily. I have a big heart, and like connecting with people. And when I find that connection, I latch onto it.

I've always been this way. When I was younger I loved going through my baby book and watching home videos. I still do.

I have a box full of old pictures, letters, cards, notebooks. I go through that box once every few months. I just scatter the contents all over my floor, pick things up piece by piece and study them. Usually I smile. Sometimes I cry, because that person or memory is no longer happy. But looking back through all of those things always makes me feel inspired, all over again.

And usually, when I go back and read or look at pictures, I start texting, emailing, or facebooking the people associated with them. I tell them I miss them or that I was thinking about them and wanted to know how they were doing. I like to remind people of happy memories. Maybe people don't need them as much as I do. I say, I need all the happiness I can get.

Some of my friends and family don't have a sentimental bone in their body. So when I ask questions like "What was your favorite moment this year?" They are a bit startled, not understanding why I care so much.

Will I keep that box forever? Probably. I've stopped keeping everything, though. My collection of letters and cards has decreased since I first started keeping them (although, I started back when cards and letters were more common the facebook birthday posts and emails). But the few cards I have piled up in my office? They'll go in there. Journals I finish? They'll go in there. So that I can remember. So that I can be sentimental. Because baby, I was born this way.

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Memories are good to have. Treasure them always!