Friday, April 20, 2012


I asked my lovely friend Gem what I should write about tonight.

"Realization- there's a lot more to everything than what you first think it is".

Well if that isn't the statement of my year so far. And I mean this in good ways and in bad.

Sometimes we think someone is the greatest person we've ever met, and then we realize it's all a front, that they are actually kind of a crappy person. Other times we immediately put a label on someone, we write them off because of how they look or a poor choice of words- when they end up being this incredible person.

Sometimes we think something is going to be incredibly hard, we dread doing it...when in fact, it's quite easy. Other times we think something is going to be a piece of cake, and it turns out to be overwhelming, draining, and sometimes near impossible.

You get my point.

Personally, I love realizations, even the crappy ones. I love that moment when everything clicks. To me it means growth, maturity, a lesson. The light bulb goes off and sheds light on situations, people, memories.

I have most of my realizations when I'm by myself. Thinking. Actually ALLOWING myself to just sit and think. Or when I'm journaling. I'll write something, and then it hits me- aah, that is the answer I've been searching for. I like to think of these "realizations" as God speaking to me.  

I think my job has given me the biggest realization/reality check: Life isn't always about us. We are not always the center of the world. 

What's been your most recent realization?


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Realizations are a part of growing up. Just never get so old that you never stop making those realizations.
Life is a living and learning situation all the way through!