Sunday, April 29, 2012

just walk away

You know how sometimes your friend is going on and on about something and you're like "girl, you need to take your own advice"? Well, for those that know me, that's about to happen. You're going to read this and say "that's nice and all, but why don't you do this?". I'm fully aware. Sometimes my blogs are my own mind telling me things.

 Now, let's continue.

 I'm the kind of person who simply cannot be around negativity. Yeah yeah, it helps us grow and mature and all that jazz. But I cannot be around it. I let it go to my head, I get caught up in it. I'm very easily influenced by those around me, and if that means I'm around negative people, we're in trouble. I've learned this the hard way, of course. And how do I solve this problem?

 Walk away.

 I don't always follow through. I tend to get stuck. Sometimes a little voice in my head whispers "If you don't move your legs this second and take a step away, you're going to regret it". See, I don't let go of things easily. I aim to solve problems and to please. This can be a great attribute, or it can be dangerous. Sometimes you need your brain to be your personal GPS. You're on this ride, hitting traffic and taking wrong turns into a world of negativity. You need a little voice to say "recalculating" or "rerouting" and reroute yourself back on the route to positivity! (I'm fully aware of how cheesy that was, I just spent 5 hours in a car, okay?)

 We're going to come across people who are toxic and damaging. We just are. But the good news is, we can choose to let it affect us or we can choose to walk away. I know people reading this who know me well are laughing, shaking their head, telling me to take my own advice. As I said, I'm well aware I don't always walk away. Or sometimes I do walk away but still keep my head full of negative thoughts. That's not good either. I have to walk away and choose to erase what I've heard or seen. Walking away is much easier said than done. It takes courage, it takes strength. But you can do it.

 So next time you face negativity, walk away. Right, Kelly?

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