Tuesday, January 3, 2017

30 Before 30

I'm turning 30 in 2017. To celebrate, I decided to create a list of 30 things to do before I turn 30. Some of these are pretty easy, some a bit more of a challenge- but I'm determined! I will try to update every month. I am looking forward to new adventures and to making memories while I cross items off this list!
  • Run (or be ready for) a 10k
    I mastered the 5k last summer. And even though I'm taking a few months off from running, I hope to get back into it by March and start training for a 10k. I'm not sure if I'll be ready by my birthday, but I hope to run that 10k before my wedding in September.
  • Attend a Yoga or Silent Retreat
    If anyone knows of one coming up, let me know!
  • Make a gourmet meal
    I'm a pretty decent cook but I stick to easy stuff. At least once, I want to attempt to make a gourmet meal.
  • Try Crossfit
    My Y offers Crossfit (for an extra fee) and while I don't think it's for me, I want to try it at least once.
  • See a play or musical
    Even if it's a community theatre show, I'm long overdue!
  • Pay off my credit card
    Over the last few years I have worked really hard to increase my credit score and decrease debt. Right now my debt includes student loans, my car payment, and one credit card. I'm determined to get that credit card paid off.
  • Try "Cycle" class at the Y
    This should be a little bit easier, these classes are free with my membership-I've just been too intimidated to try!
  • Be a mentor
    I have wanted to do this for years, just haven't gone through with it. This is the year!
  • Try a new restaurant
    There are so many new restaurants popping up. This should be a pretty easy task.
  • Take at least one free online course
    Not sure what the topic will be, but I'm going to try.
  • Take a day trip (or two) with Tom to a nearby city
    While I would love to attempt to travel out of state with Tom, that's just not going to happen with our wedding around the corner. Instead, I'd love to take a day trip to Grand Rapids or another Michigan city.
  • Read at least 10 books
    My goal for the entire year is 30, and I'm pretty confident I can get 10 read by my birthday.
  • Send out 30 handwritten cards, postcards, letters, etc.
    This is something I always do around Lent, but I may break it up and do it a couple times a year.
  • Submit a piece of writing to a magazine/website/podcast
    Pretty self explanatory.
  • Learn to say no
    I'm trying so hard to practice saying no to things that do not serve me!
  • Be more active in Church
    I want to attend Mass more, become a Lector, and maybe join a prayer group.
  • Cook one of my grandma's recipes
    Another one that should be pretty easy. The challenge will be choosing one!
  • Go to more local community events
    My community does tons of events- at my library, at the college across the street, downtown, etc. I need to take advantage! I often don't go just because Tom is working. I want to learn it's okay to go by myself.
  • Do something outside of my comfort zone
    I'm not quite sure what this will be. I thought about putting "ride a horse".....but I'm so terrified of that I'm not sure I should put that in writing.
  • Eat vegan for a week
    I have seriously considered adopting a vegan diet, but I just don't think I'm ready. I would love to explore it for a week and see what recipes I can come up with!
  • Declutter
    I need to get rid of clothes, of "stuff", of documents on my computer, etc.
  • Get my old t-shirts made into a quilt
    I have been wanting to do this for years and I know exactly who can do it for me! Just need to actually do it!
  • Treat myself to a spa day
    I'm talking facial, pedicure, AND massage. It will be pricey, but worth it.
  • Buy myself a new laptop
    My personal laptop "died". For now Tom and I share one but I would love to buy myself a new laptop.
  • Take each of my parents to something they really want to go to
    I know the band Chicago is coming to town in July and that my dad would love to go- and I'd be happy to take him! Would love to find something for each of them and have a "date night".
  • Go to a local con/expo
    I think I'm actually crossing this off this weekend- twice! Going to a "healthy living" expo on Saturday and a Bridal expo on Sunday. But open to more!
  • Attend a class (use groupon!)
    Not sure what kind of class- I'm thinking dance or art.
  • Attend a fancy dinner/gala with Tom- or go out for a fancy dinner!
    I think it would be so fun to get all gussied up and go out to a fancy gala- or just a fancy dinner.
  • Ask 30 people to tell me an album or a movie that means a lot to them- and then listen to or watch it!
    I'm the kind of person who loves to share music/movies I love with other people- and I want to hear what is meaningful to my friends!
  • Try to complete this list, but understand that it's okay if I don't and just live my life :)

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