Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Other Side

Well, folks, as suspected, my weight popped back up 2 lbs again. Giant sigh. But, I just keep trucking along. I told myself that as long as I keep doing what I've been doing, I'm not doing myself any harm. I did create a 7 week challenge for myself to cut out coffee, alcohol, anything over 12 grams of sugar, and a few other things that could be the culprit of my up and down. As I said, I'll just keep going. 

Since my weight loss updates have been incredibly boring these past few weeks (I mean get it, right? Up 2 lbs, down 2 lbs, up 2 lbs, often do you need to read about that?)...this week, I decided I would ask some of my family and close friends to share their persepctive of my weight loss journey. Which may seem totally self absorbed. But I promise you, that was not my intent. I simply thought it would be refreshing for you to hear from others. 

My hope is that by hearing some of these "testimonials" if you will, it will inspire you to chase after whatever dream you have because you will see how much of a positive impact this has had on me. 


My Mom. Both of my parents have been on this journey with me since I started, and both have been incredibly supportive and encouraging. 

Megan's weight loss has not just changed her physical appearance. While outwardly that is what most people see, I see so much more. Megan feels good about herself and her confidence has soared. She is a different person in her job and her social life. Whereas before, Megan was never sure of her abilities, she now exudes confidence that she is doing the a fantastic job at ACS. Socially, she is more comfortable at family gatherings and in social situations. She speaks in front of others with ease. She feels her opinions and ideas are worthwhile and important. Megan has changed in so many ways. The person she was two years ago has gone through a metamorphosis ...from a scared caterpillar to a beautiful, confident butterfly.

My Dad: In addition to being supportive and encouraging my dad has also had his fair share of challenges during this two year span.  he's also very introspective.  

Your weight loss journey has brought out so much inner strength. This strength is physical, emotional, and spiritual. Obviously your new body is much stronger. You can run and walk greater distances and with more speed. Emotionally, you are so much less anxious and confident in your abilities. The anxiety that was causing you to overeat is not taking over your life. Spiritually, you are able to connect with other people and their issues. You are giving the advice now and your thoughts are so well received because they are heartfelt and genuine.

My Sister In Law: Sara is not only my sister in law but also one of my best friends, and has been so supportive of me. She gently corrects me when I am too hard on myself.

Megan is my husband's sister and in the past 11 years, has grown to be a sister of my own. As I'm typing this I realize I have known her for the better part of her adult life- and my own. Megan is one of the most loving, caring, heart-on-her-sleeve gals I’ve ever met. She has been that way since I met her. I was so nervous meeting my husband’s family and she was quick to accept me and do anything she could to make me feel comfortable. I’ll never forget that. The Megan I know has always had a passion for helping others and a kindness that never seems to wear or fade. Since losing over 125lbs (go on girl!) she has gained the confidence to share that Megan, the one only those closest to her have been fortunate to know, with everyone. Now, thanks to Megan’s success and new confidence, the entire world gets a chance to know who she really is and what she stands for. They can hear about her journey and her struggles. They can look up to her as a role model and the strong female that’s been hiding under a cloak of insecurities and doubt for far too long. Megan hasn’t become someone else, she hasn’t changed as a person, she’s just finally confident enough to show everyone who she really is- an amazingly tough and fantastically cool girl that everyone needs to know. I’m so proud of her. I cannot wait to see what her future has in store. If you have been any part of this journey or if you are just now getting to know Megan, feel fortunate. It’s not every day you get to meet such an exceptional woman and person.

My Former boss, Peggy: I asked Peggy to share because she has quite literally been with me from the start of this journey. I had a few occurrences at work that were terrifying, and they were due to my weight and high blood pressure. Peggy used to have to take my blood pressure weekly. She saw me transform before her eyes... And teased me about some of the healthy foods I brought in for lunch ;-)

What I see is a very confident young lady who set her mind ,body and spirit to accomplish a goal and she did. No more fears to step ahead . YOU are a Winner. I am so proud .You are always beautiful but now you can see what we all seen. I would have to say your faced challenges that most people do not but I think it may have made you more determined to reach your  goal which was to be healthy.. I am not sure I could eat all the things you did but I am old. LOL I am glad to see your energy and determination to exercise and eat right so your weight loss was steady.but healthy. Stars for you all the way.

My Boyfriend: Tom and I started "talking" when I was at my highest weight. He's been there since the start. He's also always found me beautiful.... He's been the one to watch me cry when I hit plateaus, to be the taste tester for my cooking, my punching bag to practice kickboxing, and my biggest cheerleader. 

I've  been with Megan throughout her whole weight loss journey and I have been lucky to see how much of a positive experience it has been for her. She has gained so much confidence in herself. Also, she is now more accepting of compliments of her being beautiful and sexy because she always has been but thanks to the weight loss journey, she feels that she is. She's also been getting stronger thanks to the kickboxing class (I let her practice on me) . Kickboxing has s helped her become braver than she was before in that I think she will now kick a clowns butt instead of running away from them (she'll do a hell of a high kick to it's big red nose!). But mostly, I've seen her become happier in general. She gets legit sad when she can't work out but usually we'll find some way to get some exercise in, regardless the weather or equipment we have available. I know that once she gets to her target weight goal, it won't be the end of the story but just the first chapter. I know she will continue to kick butt.. This will be one story that will not be ending anytime soon.

I'd say the general consensus is: I've become a stronger, healthier, happier, more confident version of myself. These are all things you've heard me express, but now you've heard it from some of the people closest to me who have literally watched me transform.

I love you all so much. I can't tell you what the words of my parents, Sara, Peggy and Tom meant to me or any of the kind, supportive words I hear from others around me. It helps me to keep going, and just knowing that I have such a strong support system is all I could ever ask for.

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