Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Before and After

I often post pictures comparing my "before and after" weight loss progress. I'll admit it, I'm proud. And I like to share with my friends. Last night I sent one to a friend and she said "you must feel so much better". Oh, I do. And that got me thinking: I should use my words, emotions and feelings to describe how I have felt, before and after. And so that's what I've done here. No holding back.

Before: "you look tired"
After "you look amazing"

Before "if I eat this cake, I will feel better"
After "I hate putting crap into my body. I don't need that"

Before ::tears in the dressing room::
After: Smile..."it fits"

Before: I'm so scared
After: I've got this covered.

Before: I'll do anything to be liked. Even if it means pretending to be something I'm not
After: I'm me, take it or leave it. 

Before: Disgusted Looks.
After: smiles and hellos.

Before: out of breath after one flight of stairs
After: 65 flights.

Before: I feel so uncomfortable
After: I feel so light

Before: size 24
After: size 16

Before: Lonely, spending my nights alone in my room writing sad songs 
after: Smiles and laughter come easily. Life is fun. I don't want to miss it.

Before: Heating a frozen pizza is cooking, right?
After: new recipes every night 

Before: "have you tried losing weight?"
After "how the Hell did you lose all that weight?"

Before: I just want to sleep. All of the time. 
After: Nap after a workout.

Before: Did I just break that chair?
After: I can lean back without breaking a chair. 

Before: I'm disgusting 
After: I look good.

Before: "you have such a pretty face"
After: "you're beautiful"

Before: Can't run around the block without pain
After: 3 miles.

Before: Do I have to face the world today?
After: What's in store for me today?

Before: No one will ever love me.
After: I deserve all the love that Tom gives to me.

Before: I don't like who I am. I want to disapear.
After: I love who I have become. I want to shine. I do shine.

I hope that helped give a clear pictures of what this weight loss journey has done for me, emotionally. It's been quite a ride.  

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Shari said... Add Reply

I love this! There are outward changes during your journey, of course, but the inward ones mean just as much. I'm so happy that YOU are happy! :)