Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday

If you are stopping by from the A-Z challenge, please note that I have decided to quit the challenge. I know, I didn't make it very far! But with a vacation coming up in two days, I was strapped for time. I will be back next year!

So, good news: I have lost 54 lbs! I had a little scare this weekend because I ate a few things I normally don't: beer, bread, and fries. And, when I stepped on the scale Monday, it was higher than I'd like. But it was obviously water weight/sodium, because after a day of drinking a ton of water and eating normally, I am back where I was.

So, as most of you are aware, I leave Thursday for my big vacation. It's my first big trip in two years and the first time my whole family has been together on a trip in 12 years. There's a lot to celebrate. And there will be a lot of food.

So, how am I going to keep on track?

  • I packed workout clothes, which I never do on a vacation. I mean, it's vacation. But the condo complex has a workout room, PLUS we will be right on the beach so I can go for long walks. I plan on working out/walking throughout the trip. Sidenote, found out there is a YMCA not too far form our condo, and I can use it for free with my Michigan membership, so I MAY even be able to sneak Zumba in on the trip!
  • Limit my snacking. Everyone loves to snack on vacation. Chips and drinks on the beach? Yes please! I will just have to be careful. We usually go to the grocery store once we arrive to buy some items for breakfast and lunch, so I will pick up healthy snacks for me that I know I can eat. Skinny pop popcorn is number one on that list. 
  • Limit my drinking. I rarely drink alcohol anymore anyways, but it's always fun to have a margarita or a beer on vacation. I will limit it. Who wants to drink their calories away?
  • Order grilled fish instead of fried. When one is in Florida, one must eat seafood. It's just a general rule of thumb. I checked the menus of some of our favorite places, and while a grilled fish dinner is delicious, it's also expensive. My workaround? Order a grilled fish sandwich, no bun. Boom.
Since I also want to watch my spending, I think it will be relatively easy to be good on the diet. I don't want to blow all my money, nor do I want to blow all my calories. I think I can figure out a good balance for me. On the long drive there and back, I pretty much know what I can eat at which fast food places, so I am not too worried about that.

There is only one cheat meal I will allow myself to have, and that is a fried shrimp sandwich. Because it is THE BOMB and I cannot go to Florida without having one. I just have to figure out which restaurant has the best one so that I can choose wisely.

Wish me luck!!!!

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