Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pool Party Tuesday's

Edit: The post about Pool Party Tuesday's was one of the first blogs I wrote ahead of time for the A-Z challenge. Long before the bombing in Boston and the explosion in Texas. Since then our country has endured scary, fearful tragedies and I would just like to make mention that we must stand united through these. My heart is with Texas today as they mourn the losses due to the explosion, and that the injured seek healing. Praying for the medical professionals who will be working hard. And, due to my line of work, I am holding those that were in the collapsed nursing home very very dear to my heart. May God bring peace to all of those affected, and may hearts heal. And may the rest of us step up and do something to help.

And now, for my "p" post.

The summer after my senior year was pretty jam packed. I had graduation parties, softball games, goodbye parties, and, of course, Pool Party Tuesday's.

Pretty self explanatory- every so often, on a Tuesday, we had a pool party at my friend Becky's house.   She was a year younger than I was...and to be honest, at that point, most of my friends were a year younger. I just seemed to fit better with them. I grew apart from a lot of my friends in my class. I still loved them, but it just wasn't the same. Plus, my best friend Alex is a year younger than me and he was pretty close to this group.

Anyways- about one or two Tuesday's a month, we'd haul over to Becky's house. Alex and I almost always drove together- we had our best conversations in those car rides. We'd arrive, hug our friends, change into bathing suits and hop in the pool. there was always a lot of food. People would bring snacks and pop and there would be pizza or sometimes Becky's parents cooked for us. We had the best times at those parties. There was always a little bit of drama, but it wouldn't be a high school party without some drama! Right?

As the nights at Becky's house winded down we'd all change back into real clothes, plop on some couches and chat. They were some of the most comfortable times I've ever had, just being around my friends.They were- and still are- genuinely good people. None of us even thought about drinking or smoking.We were perfectly content just being around each other.

Alex and I would drive home and talk about the night, breaking down the drama and the heartbreak and talking about who we spent time with. Thinking about it now, I hope I realized then how lucky I was to have such good friends and to have a friend like Alex. I wore a smile most of that summer, unless I was crying as I said goodbye to someone.

It was really special for me to be able to spend time with my friends before I left for college. The moments with Alex were especially close to my heart. He was my saving grace in high school, and I was terrified to leave him. So I treasured all of our car rides and adventures that summer. And we had many, many adventures.

The next summer, PPT's continued. I didn't go all the time, but I made an appearance now and again. I was now a college student, and loved seeing my friends that were still in high school. I'd give them advice and they'd listen to my college stories. Every time I left for the night I got a little sad knowing that this wouldn't last forever.

And it didn't. I haven't pulled into Becky's long driveway and ran out of my car to hug my friends in over five years. But I'll never forget those nights, or those people.


Deanna said... Add Reply

I love your stories. It is a shame that wet lose touch with such good friends,but it is the way of life.

Deanna said... Add Reply

I love your stories. It is a shame that wet lose touch with such good friends,but it is the way of life.

Unknown said... Add Reply


sorry to hear about that tornado keeping you away from beautiful places!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Unknown said... Add Reply

I had two really good friends in high school. We spent tons of time together. Like you, one of my guy friends was a year younger than us, so he was left behind. I missed him, still do. But life goes on and on. Thanks for reminding me of them.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said... Add Reply

I have memories of some special times that only lasted for one year or one summer. Those high school friendships are special.

Samantha May said... Add Reply

I know how that goes! This year marks two years since I've graduated. All last summer my friends and I hung out pretty regularly. This summer we won't get that opportunity as often. We have jobs and rent to pay. Funny how life does that.

L. Diane Wolfe said... Add Reply

Sometimes you just can't go back, but you'll always have the memories.
Are you still friends with Alex?

L said... Add Reply

Ah, Summer love

dayebydaye said... Add Reply

I love how you said that you didn't need to drink or smoke because you all just enjoyed being together! This is what I remember of high school friendships too and I am so thankful for those memories!
Great stuff!!!

Unknown said... Add Reply

Life moves on, and somehow people grow apart. Wonderful story and wonderful memories!


Elizabeth Rosalyn said... Add Reply

The summer after high school and before uni/college/work/etc is so bittersweet. Although it's sad to say goodbye, the memories made with your friends during those last couple of months are everlasting. <3

Trisha said... Add Reply

It's sad in a way when our old lives move onto something new...but then, growth is an important part of life too.

Sounds like you had some very awesome pool parties and super awesome friends to go with them :)

Rob-bear said... Add Reply

What wonderful stories of times gone by and events shared with great friends.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting

Unknown said... Add Reply

Made me go down the lane of memories. Good one! :)