Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dance Class.

My parents signed me up for dance class when I was a little girl. It was at a small studio in Royal Oak called Borgo Sisters. It wasn't competitive   it was truly meant to teach technique. My class was a combination of Jazz, Ballet, and Gymnastics. I only took classes until I was 8 or 9. I then started playing sports like softball, basketball and volleyball, and left dance behind.

I loved dance class. At least I think I did. I have only happy memories, so that must mean I was pretty happy. Most of the time it was on Saturday mornings. On some days, my mom would have errands and appointments so my dad was responsible for getting me ready. Now, my dad is a pretty burly man, so this was quite a task for him. He would slop my hair up in a ponytail and pour hairspray over it. But that was the easy part- the hard part was getting dressed. We had to wear tights and leotards to class. My dad would put my tights at my ankles and tell me to jump in. I jumped, and he'd cue me to keep jumping until he pulled them up high enough. I would giggle as he'd say "okay...1, 2, 3...jump!" I'm surprised we didn't rip through every pair of tights, getting them on like that. It always made me think of Peter Pan gluing his shadow on- couldn't we do that with tights?

Once I was dressed my dad would drive me to Borgo Sisters. I'd put my coat and my adorable little pink monogrammed bag in a cubby and go to my classroom. After class, my dad would be there to pick me up and we'd stop to get a donut or a sticky bun. But that was our little secret. I wasn't supposed to tell mom.

In class, we were taught the basics of ballet and jazz, as well as tumbling skills and handstands/cartwheels. We also learned choreographed dances for a spring recital. Gymnastic was NOT my strong suit (okay, neither was ballet or jazz...) but I made it through and I liked doing it. I remember the most exciting day of class was always when our skirts/tutus came in. They were different each year, and we were anxious to find out what color and style we were getting. The girls in my class would crowd around our teacher as she opened up the box. The best was the sparkly one we got in my last year of dance. Mine was teal. I remember it well.

I remember my teachers well. Miss Carmy and Miss Melissa. I may have had others at times, but I remember those two very well. Miss Carmy taught my sister, brother and I, and my whole family loved her. She was so friendly and outgoing, had a real passion for dance and loved the kids at Borgo's. Miss Melissa was so sweet. She was patient and kind and really wanted all of us to do well and have fun. I adored both of them and can still picture them giving out instructions at our recitals. I am actually facebook friends with Miss Melissa, who is now married with children. She's still as positive and encouraging as ever, and I am lucky to have had her as a teacher and role model. She's still teaching at Borgo Sisters, which makes me incredibly happy.

I tried to find Borgo Sisters the other day. I was in the area, but couldn't remember the exact street it was on so I had no luck. But I know it's still open and thriving. I am so glad that other little girls and boys get to have the same experience I did.


Shari said... Add Reply

Aww, I love this. I only took dance for a year - stopped when I found out I had to be in a recital, ha! - but my sister's been dancing for seventeen years and adores it. It's really all about the joy for it that you describe so well here, all the lovely times and memories!

orneryswife said... Add Reply

What a sweet story! I never took dance classes, but I had a friend who did and was able to attend with her once. It was NOT a skill I came with naturally! Happy D Day!

T. Powell Coltrin said... Add Reply

I wanted to take dance when i was a kid, but we didn't have the money and we live out in the boonies. But, my daughter took dance for 10 years AND was on the dance and drill team in school. I lived through her. :)

Cath said... Add Reply

Hooray for good teachers!! Never took dance classes - attempted a contemporary dance taster session once when I was at uni... and there ended my dance career!! Nice D post :)

Jenny said... Add Reply

I love the image of your dad helping you get ready!

I was never able to take dance classes, but I really wanted to.

Jenny at Choice City Native

dayebydaye said... Add Reply

Another great memory! Loving this stroll down memory lane with you. And what a sweet memory of time spent with your Dad- just love it!

Anonymous said... Add Reply

I bet you loved the donut treat with your dad just as much as the class!

Deanna said... Add Reply
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Deanna said... Add Reply

What a sweet memory! Daddy's are good about spoiling their little girls with sticky buns and telling them to keep it a secret. My husband used to do that with our little girls!

Patricia said... Add Reply

Sweet memories. I took dance for years. Never was any good but had great fun.

Grace Grits and Gardening said... Add Reply

So sweet. I took ballet tap and jazz as well:). I remember it like it was yesterday. Thanks for reminding me.

Unknown said... Add Reply

I wish my parents would have put me in dance classes. I did piano, however. That was fun. I love you story. Thanks!

Anonymous said... Add Reply

I really enjoyed reading your blog about dance. I am at the dance studio all the time with my ballerina daughter! And I also took ballet classes at a young one. Cute, cute story about your burly dad getting you ready for dance! :)

Susan Gourley/Kelley said... Add Reply

What a great memory, especially those times with your dad.

Shilpa Garg said... Add Reply

Aha! Lovely memories of your dance class! I can't dance to save my life :D

Cerrillos Sandy said... Add Reply

Such great memories! Please find your dance studio. I wish I could find mine, but after 65 years, I haven't a clue as to where it was. So many things I didn't ask my mother while she was alive! Love your post . . . especially the great picture of your dad.

Anonymous said... Add Reply
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Anonymous said... Add Reply
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Stratoz said... Add Reply

Splendid. Brought back memories from back in the day of my dad taking me places and of my sisters in dance classes. Donuts and sticky buns are a fine treat indeed.

Stratoz goes AtoZ

Dawn Embers said... Add Reply

Aww, that is a very nice story/memory. The only thing I remember from little kid dance class is having an instructor push me down into a split and it hurt a lot. Nothing else. But yours sounds good.

Anonymous said... Add Reply
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Unknown said... Add Reply

Miss Melissa was my favorite Borgo teacher!! So many wonderful memories!! Would you mind sharing her Facebook information so I can friend her too? :)