Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon

I am taking a short break from the A-Z challenge to post about the Boston Marathon tragedy.

I know it seems strange. What can a 25 year old from Michigan possibly have to say about such a horrific act of terrorism?

Well. I don't know. But I have to say something, because that's how I operate.

In February 2010 I did a 1/2 marathon. I had trained for it for months and flew down to Florida with two of my good pals to rock that thing. It wasn't easy. I am not a runner, and I am overweight. I didn't ever think I'd be able to do that race. But I did it. And when I crossed the finish line, I immediately saw my friends. They were waiting for me and they were cheering so hard, waiting to hug me. I also saw my cousin Bonny. I hadn't seen her in YEARS, and she made a special trip out to see me- and there she was. I picked her right out of the crowd immediately.

When I first heard about the explosion today I could not help but think of the people like me. People who trained hard and shed tears as they did that marathon, not sure if they'd make it. People who were running to prove to themselves that they could do it. People who had friends waiting on the finish line for them.

That moment I crossed the finish line was one of the proudest moments of my entire life. To think that these people were welcomed not by their loved ones but by an explosion, by blood and screaming, by injuries, by smoke, by death- is just heart wrenching. That's not how it's supposed to be.

People dedicate the race to certain causes. They run for other people. They run in memory of other people. They are running for GOOD. Some are running for GOD. And then this happens.

I will never, ever understand how people can have so much hate in their veins that they find it necessary to try to kill thousands of other people. It terrifies me that they find that the best option.

Families were torn apart today. All across the globe people worried about their loved ones in Boston. Nearly all of us know someone or knows someone who knew someone who was running there today. Or someone who lives there or heck someone who just happened to be there on a business trip. This act fueled fear and heartbreak, tragedy and devastation.

It has to stop.

Hate has to stop.

I don't know how to stop it. I don't know how to tell our young kids that it gets better. I just know how to love. And that is what I am going to do. Continue to show my love and be a loving person. At this point, I think that's all any of us can do.

Stop bullying.
Stop tearing people down.
Stop hating.
Stop using words to destroy.
Stop hiding behind a screen.

Start loving.

This world is far, far too beautiful to let it continue to rot with hatred. Take a stand against hate. Start small.

Dear God,
None of us can begin to understand the tragic events that took place in Boston today. And I know a lot of people are asking where You were. I know that You were there. You were pushing the witnesses to help others. You were that little voice that told people to be strong. You carried people. And while that doesn't completely take away the pain and the hurt, it is a comfort to know that we are not alone. God, send us peace. Help our hearts turn from hate and open to love. Open to show love. Open to accept love. Give us the strength, as a nation, to hold hands and get through this by loving one another. Keep our children safe. They are our hope for the future. May love, comfort, and hope spread amongst the people of Boston and everyone affected by today's tragedy.


Dee @ A Deecoded Life said... Add Reply

This is a beautiful post that moved me to tears. My heart and prayers are with Boston too, and I also scrapped my original N post to make way for this, because how can you not?

Samantha May said... Add Reply

I agree 100% I am so sick of all of the tragedies. When does it end?

Today was indeed very sad.

Shari said... Add Reply

I couldn't agree more. Such a horrible atrocity, such a horrible tragedy. There really are no words. :(

Unknown said... Add Reply

Absolutely agree with each word of this post.

My sympathies lie with each and every person adversely affected by this act of hate.

Damyanti @Daily(w)rite
Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2013

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Deanna said... Add Reply

You said it better than most. What a heartfelt post. You are right, the hatred has to end. Love and faith in God is the answer.

Unknown said... Add Reply

If only these acts of terrorism would stop. It is awful and makes me wonder what the world is coming to. You are so right. It shouldn't be like this. God did not intend it to be this way. It is just sad. Wonderful post filled with truth.


Bethe77 said... Add Reply

Tragedy that has no words and yet you have wrote so elegantly with a pray of love from the heart. I stand in agreement with you on your prayer for Boston and all those who are effected. May the Lord be with all and with this country in Jesus name.

dayebydaye said... Add Reply

Beautifully said. So thankful that you didn't stop with what do I have to say, but that you said it. Makes me thankful for you and your willingness to share your thoughts!
Much love to YOU today!!!

Unknown said... Add Reply

This is beautiful! Completely agree with all your words. Hate has to stop. Love should spread infectiously like flu.

God blez al those people.