Friday, January 4, 2013

one word

First of all- I had to take a day off of work today with no pay. That's how sick I am. I sent an email to my boss last night with my symptoms and said I didn't have enough pto and her response was "You come in tomorrow I'm driving you straight home. Stay in bed". Well, okay then. I've been hit with the flu. And not the tummy kind- but that kind where your whole head is so stuffed up you can't even turn it, you are shivering and then sweating, and you don't think you'll ever stop coughing. Mucinex, tea,   water, steam, and the neti pot have been my saving graces. I know a lot of people caught this nasty thing going around, and to you I say- I am so sorry. The last time I had a head flu this bad, it was during my MVC year. I stayed in bed for three straight days while Katie would come refill my juice cup, Nate would check my temperature and Dave would yell FEEL BETTER DONT DIE outside my door. After I finally recovered from that mess I found out Nate had gathered the other two and said "So listen, Megan might have the bird flu...". Ah, those were the days.

But yes. I took the day off today and I wish I could say I enjoyed it but I was pretty miserable. I rotated from my bed to the couch. setting timers on my phone to take my medicine. But I also spent some time thinking about 2013 (yes, again) and my goals. And then I read my friend Dean's blog and I was inspired by this whole One Word 365 revolution. So I checked out that site and was even more inspired and intrigued.

Then came the hard part. Picking a word. I actually have kind of done this for the past two years, just not formally. 2011 it was fearless, and 2012 it was conquer. But this time I'm picking one and sharing it with all of you. A million words went through my mind. Courage. Hope. Peace.

I wanted a word that combined action and persistence with calmness and listening. I had a hard time, but I finally settled on...


I am going to embrace myself, including my flaws. I am going to embrace those around me and support and encourage them. I am going to embrace change.  Embrace my passion. Embrace my life, embrace my health. Most of all I am going to embrace God's plan for me.

Embrace 2013.

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