Monday, September 10, 2012

suicide prevention awareness!

First of all, high school seniors, would ya stop trying to find out Kairos secrets? I don't spill them. Seriously, almost all of my "google searches" to get to my blog for the past month have been these search terms: Kairos secrets; what happens on kairos; small groups on kairos; kairos retreat. And because I wrote a blog on Kairos for my a-z challenge, you wind up here. Go on Kairos and find out the beauty of it for yourself. And for you Kairos leaders, go to your campus minister for guidance, don't google it.

Now  back to your regularly scheduled programming. Today is Suicide Prevention Awareness Day. I think it's safe to say that everyone reading this knows someone who has committed or attempted suicide. It is a terrible tragedy, one that continues to be an issue in our society...and one that can be prevented. Suicide is a very real thing. But we don't talk about it enough- it's a hush hush topic, people are scared to reach out for help and people are even more afraid to acknowledge it and to do something about it.

I am very passionate about the fact that there is always hope. There's always another chance. Suicide is not the answer. But when I hear of a suicide, my first thought is- how awful for that person. How absolutely heartbreaking it is to know that they were so terrorized by fear, anger, hurt that they chose to end their own life. Some of us are lucky, we will never know that pain, never know what it is like to feel that hopeless. Others of us feel it, have felt t, will feel it. Maybe even feel it every day. Maybe there are days we have to force ourselves out of bed, or days we roll over and don't even try. But you have to try.

You have to get help. There are people out there who will help you. Don't push away the ones who will try. Let them. Tell them how you are feeling. Speak up. You do not have to fight this alone. You were put here for a reason and you've got to believe me when I tell you things are going to get better, and life can be beautiful if you give it a chance, if you try. It may take some searching, and every day may be a battle. But you can win.

And for the rest of the world, wondering how in the heck you can prevent suicide: use your words, and use them wisely. If you notice a change in a family member, friend, or coworker, don't ignore it. Ask the questions. Find out why they are so angry/sad/withdrawn lately. And if they admit to being suicidal, get help. Call the suicide hotline. Call the police. Call a doctor. Just do SOMETHING. Let people know that you care. Let them know you think they are worthy. Appreciate people. Don't give up on them. The worst thing you can do to someone fighting thoughts of suicide is to turn your back on them. That's when they give up- that's when they assume no one cares. But we should all care. Life is far too valuable to let it just slip away.

Obviously (I hope) I am super passionate about this cause. It hits close to home. I have felt that hopeless before. And all it took was one person to show me that if I held on just a little bit tighter, there would come a day that everything would be okay. That person was right, and I can sit here today and tell you that while it wasn't easy, I've made it, and I will continue to be  an advocate for others and for the beauty of life.

Perhaps this has not been the happiest of posts, but I hope it has touched someone reading it. Please join me in spreading awareness. Suicide CAN be prevented.

Much love.

Don't give in
And don't give up
Just let go
Just reach out
You're at your worst
But this is not the end
You are not what haunts you
You were made for so much more
Take one step, and then another
Have faith that you will recover
Don't give in
And don't give up
Just let go
Just reach out
there's so much livin left to do
there's so much waiting for you
you can be happy, you can be free
just let go
just reach out
don't give in
and don't give up
you don't have to live like this
wrapped up in sadness and fear
just say the words
And I'll take it from here
you don't know how much
you are loved
let yourself be loved
just give in to love
just give up the bottle
just let go of the weapon
and just reach out for a hand- megan carolin; september 2012


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<3 I love your posts.

furmurr said... Add Reply

Since your cousin, Tom committed suicide, I am very touched by your post!