Thursday, January 26, 2012

everybody seems so famous

My mom gave her 2nd graders this story prompt

"Tell about a famous person you would like to invite to your huouse for a week. I would invite..."

Here are my favorites. I kept some spelling errors in on purpose.

"Ke$ha. I like Ke$he because she wears a lot of glitter. She is a good dancer and she looks like me. She would arrive in a limo. She would give me a makeover. We would make up a song. I think we would name the song "Cool TO Be You". IT would be so awesome. Ke$ha would sleep on my couch in my bedroom. We would put glitter on each other every day. Ka$ha would leave in her tour bus and that is my story".

"Justin Bieber. I would invite him because I like him. I know all of his songs by heart. My favorite is "Baby". I like it because it is a very great song. When he would walk in the door, I'd almost pass out. That's how much I like him! Oh, I forgot to tell you, he would arrive in a black limo. We would sing together. Every day we would sing and play ball in the basement. Then after two weeks he'd have to go back to his house. PS I had a great time with JB."

"Taylor Swift. Ding dong the door bell would ring. It would be Taylor Swift. She arrived in a black limo. She would say "Hello, your mom invited me for 1 week!". I'd say "Mom, you really mean it? Excuse me,Taylor.". I would ask "Mom, how much did this cost?". She answered "All of my love for you". "A party for me? You are the best!" At the party, she would sing Sparks Fly. She would give me a gift. It would be a stage with a disco ball. Before I knew it, it would be Sunday and she would have to leave. She would write me a note. The end"

"Manti Teo. He is my favorite player on the Notre Dame football team. He would park his Notre Dame limo in our driveway. He would walk in and as soon as I saw his face I would run and give him a hug. Then we would go outside and play snow football (I would tell him to go easy on me!). Then we would go and drink some hot cocoa (he would want some extra marshmallows!) The next day we would eat eggs for breakfast. Then we would ride his limo to Notre Dame. We would both go in the locker room before we had to play Boston College. I would play defense and we'd win 160-2. After the game, he would go back to his dorm and unpack. Ps He would let me keep his limo."

"Eminem. I'd invited him because I like his songs. I'd see him in a car. I'd learn all his songs with his help. He'd sleep on the floor. We would eat cereal and milk. I'd tell him how Mrs. Carolin doesn't like him and why! I'd get him a microphone. The last song he would sing to me is "Not Afraid". Then he go home."

"Taio Cruz. He sings Dynamite. I LOVE his music I think he sings "Break Your Heart". I would sing with him all night. He would sleep in my bed and I would sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor. Taio would get to my house by limo (if possible). We would go to Leo's Coney Island. Taio would get in a disguise, so no one would recognize him. We would talk about making him a new song. Maybe I could play drums or tambourine or something."

"Taylor Swift. I'd invited her because I like her songs. I have 60 something pictures. Taylor would arrive by an airplane. I would sing with her. She would sleep on my couch. She would eat cheesecake. We would take about her songs. I would be very, very sad that she had to leave. But I sucked it up."

"Lady Gaga because I like her songs. She will come in a black sparkly glittery limo. I will sing songs with her like "Born This Way" and "Poker Face". She will sleep in my brother's room because his bed is bigger and his room is the biggest. We will feed her whatever she wants and whenever she wants it. Lady Gaga has blond hair and blue eyes. She also has a meat dress. The next day she will leave we will miss her the end".

"Oprah because I really like her talk show. Oprah would arrive in a limo. We would play Bingo 14 times. Then, we would draw a little. We would watch her talk show then I would get to see her set. It would be so much fun! Oparh would sleep in my room. When Oprah had to leave I'd hang my head. She would say "I'll be back".

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