Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear November....

Dear November,
This may seem kind of cheesy, but I've been told I'm great at writing letters. So hey, how are ya? You're back! I've always liked you, November. The last time you were in my life, things were much different. I was happy. Not that I'm not happy now...I am happy. It's just a different kind of happy. Everything was just...right. Perfect, even. OH, except those few days I was really sick and everyone though I had swine flu. That was NOT fun. But I'll forget about that because you gave me one of the best Thanksgiving weekends I can ever remember having. Anyways. You were great. I loved my job, had great friends and an amazing support system, a cleansing spirituality. That's all gone. It slipped away somehow. Somewhere between then and now, it's all disappeared. The thing is November, I could have all of that now, if I tried. I'm not really trying. I've just sort of settled into this web of "oh, I'm doing fine". Where as last year, I would enthusiastically reply "I'm FREAKING AMAZING, how are you?" I think I deserve more than fine...don't I? I think so. No, wait. I know so. So, November, I'm writing to you for a little help. You and I, let's do this. There's only a little bit left of 2010, I want to make it as magical as possible. I hope you have some glitter left in ya. I promise to put 100% of myself into you. All I ask is for a little sunshine. I love you, November. Thanks for listening.

Love, Megan

PS: I know you're all about gratitude, so I'd like to say thank you for being the birth month of my best friend, Sam. :)

I have big plans. Small steps will lead to big changes. These last two months of 2010 are gonna rock. I have to prepare for the epicness that will be 2011. Life is what you make it. That's been the biggest lesson for me to learn in these past few weeks. I have a choice. I'm choosing happiness. What will you choose? If you could write a letter to November, what would you say?

On a COMPLETELY different, but much needed note:

I don't usually spend my time talking about teenage Disney stars, but something about this Demi Lovato story hits me hard. I have no idea why. I mean I've always liked Demi. I thought she had an edge to her...which now I'm realizing could have been the root to her problems. For those of you who don't speak pop culture, here's the story from how I understand it: Demi is in a "treatment facility" for "physical and emotional reasons". It's been said it was for eating disorders and cutting herself, and rumors are also going around that she was a coke addict. I mean...is anyone really surprised? What do you expect when all eyes are on you...from kids ages 5-19? They watch your every move. You are a product, not a person. You're supposed to be this little perfect role model. Half of those kids are completely obsessed with you and sleep under sheets with your face on it. The other half can't stand you because they are "team Selena" or whatever nonsense, so they find every way possible to bring you down. At some point you are bound to crack. Anyways, my heart goes out to the girl. I pray that she gets the help she needs and I am very proud of her for being brave enough to ask for help. That takes guts. I hope this is a lesson to all her young fans. If you need help, get it. You deserve it. You are WORTH IT.

Also, stop trashing Ashley Greene. This is not her fault. Depression is internal. It is about your perception of self. If that is distorted, you are on the road to eating disorders and the like. No one is to blame here, so instead of focusing your energy on hating some girl, spend it sending positive vibes to the one you admire.

And...I'm finished.

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You're inspiring :)

Wishing you a November - and December - filled with only fabulous things!