Monday, August 23, 2010

No matter how far I go my heart remains with you.

I had an absolutley amazing weekend. I know this because my back hurts, my feet are throbbing, and my abs are sore. I also know this because I have not stopped smiling since Friday night and I can literally feel the joy and happiness flowing through my viens.

Because we are the groom's family and out of town, we didn't know all the details of the wedding- which made it quite fun! Everything unfolded as a surprise. From the playbill wedding program to the different cakes on each table. Everything Jonathon and Sara did was their decision, unique, and wonderful. Sara's vintage dress was perfect, loved that she marched down the aisle to an instrumental version of a Fall Out Boy song, and REALLY appreciated that they decided to donate to the ONE Campaign in Laurence's name, giving each of their guests a ONE bracelet as our favors.

The ceremony itself was beautiful. It took place in the Columbia Club in Downtown Indianapolis. The minister had previously talked with my family about how much he admires my brother, which made all of us feel very proud. I also loved what he had to say during the ceremony about marriage. I felt myself smiling the entire time, watching my brother hold Sara's hands in his to calm her nerves, and listening to the beautiful message about how loving God means loving others.

After the ceremony and a few family photos, I headed upstairs with my mom and sister to mingle with family and friends. I was so happy to spend time with family that I rarely get to see! I discovered a table set up dedicated to Laurence, with some pieces he has written and pictures. Loved that! Soon we moved into the reception room for dinner. The speeches given by Sara's sister, my dad, and Sara's dad were beautiful. Sara and Jonathon danced to "If All Else Fails" by Matchbook Romance, one of my favorite songs ever. Soon it was time to hit the dance floor, and I feel confident in saying that Alex and myself kept the party going! We even performed No Air :) I seriously had so much fun on that dance floor jumping around. One of the most special moments was when "We Are Family" started playing, and members of both sides of my family joined together in a circle to dance. That may never happen again in my lifetime, and it was so very special. Another great moment was "Don't Stop Believing", which is Jonathon and Sara's song! EVERYONE loved that one.

After the reception ended (with Just Dance, thanks to Alex and I), 10 of us stomped around downtown Indianapolis to find something to eat. It was quite amusing and new friendships were formed :) We ended up at Steak and Shake (classy) and shared laughs and fun conversation. I will never forget this weekend and feel very blessed to be part of such an amazing family.

To Jonathon and Sara, I love you both deeply. It is very, very clear that you two are in love, and I could not be happier for you. Two amazing people who deserve each other. You are the best of friends and care so much for one another. I am ecstatic that I have been able to be a part of your lives. It is rare to witness something as special as the two of you have. Thank you for everything and know that I love you so much! Enjoy Flo-RIDA! :)

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What a special time! So glad that you and your family enjoyed every minute :)