Monday, August 9, 2010

hello world

I know many of you aren't big fans of my music posts, but before you read the rest of this entry, you must listen to this song. There may or may not be a quiz at the end.

I've owned this album since it was released in February, and listened to every song multiple times. So why then, did this song just make a big mark on my heart when I heard it yesterday?

Well, it could be because I heard it as I was finishing a 3 mile walk. It came on my ipod as I was turning the last corner, and was no longer focusing on my legs or breath, but on the words to the song. I was on an adrenaline high and maybe would have loved any song I heard at that point.

But somehow, I think it's more than that. Although I am going through one of the biggest changes of my life, and unclear of what the future holds for me, I'm also extremly happy right now. I feel very...alive. Ready to take on the world. Anxious to make changes and live free. I'm not sure what brought on this new positive energy. In a strange way, I can sort of relate it back to the lives that have been lost recently. I know that sounds selfish and apathetic, but trust me that is not what I mean at all. I mean...losing Matt, losing Mr. Roble, and reflecting on Fred's battle has really opened my eyes to a whole new world. I have tried to wake up every morning with a positive outlook. I've learned that each day will be as we make it- if you set it in your mind that things are bad, then things will continue to be bad. Instead, you have to think "okay. Things are a little tough right now. How can I change that?". It amazes me how powerful our minds our when we give them a chance! Try taking a step back from your daily life and sitting in the quiet. You will learn things about yourself you never thought possible.

Lady Antebellum's song is about appreciating the little things in life. It's about finding ways to make you feel alive and keep going. Figuring out what makes you come out of the dark place that you've been hiding to say "hello world". So, friends, my challenge to you is to be confident in who you are and live a happy life...because it is in your hands.

Trust, let go, and love.


Shari said... Add Reply

Isn't it amazing how music can just speak to you like that? Sometimes we come across a song that it's like we're meant to hear at a particular time. I love the message behind this one and I love how you took it to apply to your own life. You have such a refreshing outlook on a time that fills so many of us with uncertainty. You're so right abot our minds being incredibly powerful, and I'm going to remember this post when I wake up every morning. Thank you for that :)

Dean said... Add Reply

Ha! I was right, no quiz.