Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The good in goodbye

Saying goodbye can sometimes be tough. It usually means moving on and letting someone or something go, usually someone or something that we love very much. Sometimes goodbyes are forced, other times it is a choice.

There can be good in goodbye. That's something I've had to learn very fast in my twenties; that change is okay. Friends grow apart. Life happens. You don't need to hold onto every little thing, especially those things  that are toxic.

I spent some time tonight thinking about what, in my life, right now, do I need to let go of. This is this list I created.

There is no point in putting things off. Life moves too fast, opportunities slip away too quickly if we make excuses. We've got to say goodbye to them. They don't do any good except hold us back. You have this moment, right now, to do something, so use it wisely.

People Who Bring Us Down
I have never once understood when my friends go back, willingly, to the people that hurt them.But then I realized I do that sometimes too. Oops. I always tell people "You don't have to stick around someone who makes you feel like crap. You are worth so much more than that". I need to take that to heart as well.  It's time to say goodbye to those people and put those battles to rest.

Filling our lives with THINGS, not PEOPLE
This one is harder because we live in such a material world, where we have to get the latest thing instantly. But if there's one thing my job has taught me it's that what matters most in this world is your relationship with other people, not what phone you have or your shoes. Say goodbye to desires that don't matter, and hello to more home cooked dinner dates with friends and family.

Working Too Much
t. It makes us cranky and tired and sick. And then we push people away because we just need a night to ourselves and to stop working. I personally, since Saturday, have already worked 46 hours this week. It's only Wednesday. I still have Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to go. Megan, say goodbye to working too much and hello to having more time to be a normal 25 year old girl. At the end of the day, work tasks can wait. Family, friends, and self are much more important, despite what society tells you.

Worrying goes you know good. Things will work out the way they are supposed to, like they have before. There are people in your life who love and support you, no matter what. Say goodbye to fears and anxieties, and hello to acceptance and responsibility.

I know, that if I make a conscious effort to say goodbye to those five things, that I will live and breathe easier. I will be happy. And, when recently asked what I want most in this world, my response was "to be happy".

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You can do this Meggie. It's all a part of growing up. Sorry no one warned you how hard it is to grow up. But you are a very strong person inside. So find that strength and go for it!
Love You Baby Girl!