Monday, November 14, 2011


All weekend I was thinking about friendships. Friends who've come and gone, fake facebook friendships that I should really delete, the concept of making new friends as an adult. So, I found it highly ironic that when I walked in to youth group on Sunday, the theme was friendship. Hello, God.

I'm helping lead this years youth group at my Church. It's been fun, the kids are vibrant and full of times frustrating, but mostly, a way to help me express my faith.

Last night we talked about the good things of friendship and the bad. The kids were supposed to yell out their ideas. I had my own ideas in my head...and this is basically what I came up with:

friendship is great when it's mutual...when there is no jealousy, when we can celebrate accomplishments with each other. when we can equally share. Friendship is dangerous when it's dishonest, one sided, jealous, controlling.

I've had both, as I'm sure we've all had. I had a few friendships that I thought were great, only to realize years later how dangerous and poisonous they were. I've also had friends who have been wonderful and supportive, yet I've pushed them aside because I knew they'd always be there. That's not right either. The important thing is for you to REALIZE when a friendship is dangerous, and to get out. If you put all of your time and energy into a friendship and are getting noting in return but emptiness and negativity, say goodbye. That's not a friendship.

So cheers, to all my friends. I love you.

PS: I don't think I've given 2010-2011 enough credit. While it wasn't full of incredible events, I did have two life changing events- I walked a 1/2 marathon and I landed my first full time, after college job. Plus, I have made new friends. Tierra, Maggie, and Sarah, thank you guys for your support and for making me laugh. I wouldn't be able to do this without the three of you :) You all inspire me!

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