Sunday, August 14, 2011

class of 2012

First of all- hi. I'm alive. August has been a pretty insane month.

So, one of my students messaged me on facebook and asked if I had any advice for her senior year of high school. That got me thinking, and voila- a blog.

Side note- I cannot believe my babies are going to be seniors. We're really about to send them off into the world? Anyways...

How To Have A Rockin Senior Year, By Miss Kurolin

Don't Slack Off.
Believe it or not, colleges WILL look at your senior year. If they saw a big dip in your grades, probably not a good sign. Plus, it makes it 10x harder to get into gear when you start your college classes if you spent a whole year slacking off.

Find A Part Time Job
ONLY if you can manage it with keeping up good grades. You guys already work as part of the school program, but finding a part time job outside of that will help you gain even more experience- plus it will help you save money for college expenses.

Mentor A Younger Student
Find a younger student who reminds you of yourself and be a role model for them. Help them in their classes, help them make smart choices.

Keep College Options Open
There are several factors that go into choosing a college. Money, distance, and programs being the most popular. Keep your options open. Don't just apply to one school, have several backups. Visit schools of interest to get a feel for the campus and what they offer. Make realistic goals. Not ready for a university? Go to community college. Keep pushing, working harder and harder for your goals.

Say Thank You
You may not realize it at this moment, but your teachers, employers, and classmates have had an influence on you. Thank them for it. Thank the janitors who clean up after you every day. THANK THE PEOPLE WHO SERVED YOU LUNCH EVERY DAY (COUGH COUGH HING HINT). :) Seriously, though. Make sure they know you appreciate them. Write them letters, verbalize it, give hugs. They'll love it, and remember it.

Volunteering helps you network and meet people, and helps you to find your passion. Tutor other students, clean up the city- do something to help out.

Decrease Drama
Your senior year is not a time to be fighting with your classmates. Be kind and generous, calm and patient. Remember everyone is under stress, and transition can change people. Stay true to yourself. Don't worry about others behavior. Worry about your future.

Have Fun
Not too much fun :) Make the right choices, but build memories. Take pictures. Write things down. Enjoy.

Participate in School Events
You only have a short time left. Make the most of it! Make a name for yourself- a positive one. Don't be known as the kid who was always in trouble. Be known as the sweetheart, or the one who was always helping others, or the amazing writer/artist/singer. Take your talent and make it known. Use it to do good.

I'm very proud to know all of you and I'm extremely excited for you as you begin your senior year. I know you are all capable of succeeding. I just hope you realize that, and do something about it- it's in your hands. You have control over your life. If you need advice, you know I'm always here for you. Hope to see you all soon. Be nice to the new mercy volunteers. :-)

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