Monday, May 23, 2011

and I do, I do believe music can heal my soul

So you know how sometimes you see a singer/band on tv or hear them on the radio and you immediatley think of someone in your life? Example- I cannot hear the name "Barry Manilow" without thinking of my mother. And last night, while watching the Billboard awards, I saw Kylie Minogue and thought of this girl that I barely know, but I know she loves Kylie. Music is just so great that way- it connects people.

I was curious, so I asked on twitter what artists remind people of me. These are the responses that I got:

Lady Antebellum
Taylor Swift
Lady Gaga
Bruno Mars
Spill Canvas
Spill Canvas
Usher (random)
Jason Castro

And it just sort of struck me as funny, because although I do LOVE each of those artists, there are so many more I am constantly listening too that weren't named. I guess I talk about the above the most, which is good because that means that I am doing my job as a fan...I make people aware of the artists I love. But my poor bands like Anberlin, Cartel, Never Shout Never, NeedToBreathe, The Rocket Summer- they all got the boot on this one. Sorry. Maybe those are like my musical secrets. Because usually, I'm listening to those alone. In my room while writing or in the car on long drives. But they have just as much plays on my itunes as Melinda or Mandisa. Strange.

Anyways, I hope that maybe by knowing me, you have gained an appreciation for the above artists. Because Lord knows they deserve it :)

On another music note....last night, Mandisa retweeted something from one of her fans. The fan said that she couldn't fit Mandisa's new album in her budget. I offered to gift it to her. I got such sweet comments from other Mandisa fans, and Mandisa herself. I just hope people understand my reasons for gifting- it was not to get Mandisa's attention. It was- 1. People have done similiar things for me and I know how grateful I was, so I decided to pay it forward. 2. Mandisa's album did SO much for my heart (and is still doing) that I want other people to be able to get inspired. Music is something to be shared, especially when it can change lives.

I love you all and I apologize for this random, all over the place post. Have a great week!

PS: GAGA fans- favorite song on the new album? Mine is Edge of Glory.

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