Tuesday, March 9, 2010

lately i've caught you smiling a little more, you're beautiful

It's beautiful outside. I love spring time ! I can't wait for rainy days, those are my favorite. I know that might seem odd coming from someone who hates gloomy winter days, but there's something about rain that I just love.

I had a nice weekend. I think I must have passed out after dinner on Friday, because I don't remember doing anything. I was pretty exhausted, last week was rough. Dave and Katie went to Toronto with some of our friends on Saturday, and I spent half of the day with my mommy. I had to help her with a powerpoint presentation for her open house. It was good to see her and spend time with her. I came home and sat around for the rest of the day, which was actually kind of nice. I haven't had that in a while. Sunday was Church, then Katie and I went to see a play, "The Underpants". It was...um...interesting. By the time we got home, I laid done for an hour and then we attempted to have bible study with our friends Meghan and James. When we sat down, Dave realized that the 10 pm mass he was planning on attending was cancelled, so he decided to leave bible study and go to Church at a different evening mass. The rest of us got up with him, we all ran around the house like mad, finding our shoes and coats and piled into the car. We just couldn't let him go alone. I loved that, it was one of the coolest things that has happened this year. It just showed that we are all together in this faith/spiritual journey and that we'll support one another, even if it means going to Church twice.

We didn't have school yesterday due to parent teacher conferences the day before, but we had a staff meeting. I got to school early to see off the kids going to work, and spent the hour and 1/2 in between that and our meeting to get a ton of work done. Our meeting was great- very productive. I'm excited about the things happening at the school, especially as far as admissions goes. I'm also coming up with some ideas for retreat to plan with our priest, which is exciting.

The upsetting part of the meeting was when we had a round table discussion on issues some of our students are facing at home...and when I say issues, I mean horrible, heart wrenching situations that are ripping these kids from their childhood. Sometimes I get so frustrated with their behavior and attitude, and I forget the things that they have to deal with. It's heartbreaking. On a positive note, it made me even more glad to be here and to possibly play a small role in shaping them. So many of them have so much potential, they just need the extra push, the support that they may not be getting at home.

Keep praying for them, and for me. This week is going to be pretty busy! I love you all.

PS. Jason Castro's new single "That's What I'm Here For" was released to Itunes. His full album will be out April 13th, and his own tour will follow. I'm so happy for him!

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