Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Little King

"All I know is a simple name, and everything has changed......."

Those lyrics are taken from the new Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran duet "Everything Has Changed". And while the song is meant to be a sweet love song, a song about finding someone new who changes everything, it works for today.

Because today, all I know is that a little 6lb, 1.3 oz boy named Ryan came into my life, and everything has changed. When I walked into my sister's hospital room and saw his face, I was so overwhelmed with love that I felt like I could melt right there. I've seen a lot of babies before, but no one has stolen my heart like this Little King. He's perfect in every single way. His arms are long, so he'll grow to be strong. His eyes are the perfect shade of blue, and when he opens them you can see that they are full of wonder and curiosity. His skin is this adorably perfect shade of pink. His hands reach out for the sky. His hair is sandy brown. He is gorgeous  And he's my nephew. I haven't stopped smiling since I first laid eyes on him.

So Happy Birthday, Ryan, you sweet boy. We are all so excited to have you here. I was ironing my pants for work when my phone rang. I threw the iron down, ran to get my phone, and saw it was your mommy. "You have a nephew" she said. "Ryan Michael". My stomach did a billion flips, I said a prayer of gratitude that you and mommy were healthy, and then I called into work. I had more important things to do- like meet you! Your Grandma and I went shopping, and then headed to the hospital. Oh Ryan, you are so perfect! There are so many people for you to meet, so many memories to be made. There are so many things I want to talk to you about. There are so many things I am dying to learn about you. But mostly, I'm just really glad you're here. October 30th. What a perfect day for you to choose to come into our lives. The air is cold and windy, and there are so many world disasters and traumas happening around us. But we have you now, our joyful little guy, to remind us of the important things in life. So, thank you for coming. I love you Ryan! Happy Birthday!

And to my sweet sister and brother in law, congratulations. I am so proud, so happy for you both. I know this has been a long road, but he is here now, and he is perfect. And you will be amazing parents. Get some rest, and know we are all surrounding you with love and peace.

World, meet Ryan.


Anonymous said... Add Reply

Congratulations! Best wishes to your whole family!

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Congrats! He is so cute! Im so happy for u and your family!

Jena said... Add Reply

Dear Ryan,

Welcome to the world!
It's a better place for you being in it, because the promise of a better world lies firmly in your tiny little hands.
Don't listen if anyone tries to warn you about conflicts and natural disasters and negativity.
Don't even acknowledge it, because there are more important things.

Like butterflies
And fireflies
And bubbles that you blow.

Dandelion puffs,
Candy canes,
And your very first snow.

Rocket ships,
And Pirate ships,
And skies that are blue,

And magic tricks,
And dreams that come true.

May this world bless you with all its goodness.
Welcome, little king.

Jena said... Add Reply

OMg, that looks so . . . LAME!
I didn't start out trying to imitate Dr. Seus!
I was just trying to list all the good things in the world and it ended up semi-poetic.
What I really meant to say was, Congratulations!

Shari said... Add Reply

Oh Megan, this is so beautiful. Congratulations to your whole family, and welcome sweet Ryan!