Friday, October 12, 2012

Catch my breath, won't let them get me down, it's all so simple now

This week, beginning on Tuesday, I challenged myself to keep track of the positive things that happened. I refused to let negativity get the best of me. Enjoy.

October 9th
-Had volunteer orientation at Gilda's Club, a cancer support center. I will be working the front desk and/or children s playroom once a month, plus possibly hosting a writing workshop for teens. It's an amazing atmosphere and I felt energized after my orientation. I like the flexibility in the volunteer schedule.
-My Aunt Mary Ann called me and gave me the name and email address for the campus minister at UofM, thinking it might be a good connection for me. Mary Ann and I also had a nice little chat on the phone :) 
-Ran into someone who used to work at Make A Wish Foundation and who knew of Laurence. 
-Starbucks with two of my coworkers during our lunch break.
-Cuddling under a blanket with the Pitch Perfect soundtrack on repeat.
- This email from my coworker: "There is a big world out there for you to explore. I hope that soon you can afford to travel and buy things for yourself and have time for fun! You have to take care of yourself. You are so smart and talented and young! I am sitting with the tv on tcm- there is an old silent move on that I am not watching but the music is lovely. Not always in the mood for something like this but it is calming me down somehow. Just a weird tidbit! Oh I get sidetracked easily don't I?????

October 10th
-Snacking on almonds, drinking coffee, and giggling over silly stuff with my coworker Jill. Started the day off right.
-Lunch in an abandoned office with Christine
-Phone call from my friend Jena that I probably would have ignored a few days ago, but today, I was excited and energized and wanted to talk to her.
-Listening to Kelly Clarkson's new single "Catch My Breath". Again and again and again.

October 11th
Honestly most of this day is a blur, but the positive thing is the most important
-Sitting around my work bff Maggies kitchen table with Carol and Christina, chatting about work and life, eating pizza. But the best part was meeting Maggie's newborn baby, a sweet sweet little boy who is absolutely precious and beautiful. I could not help but stare at him and watch Maggie cuddle him. I am so happy for her. I can't stop thinking about that little peanut. It was a perfect evening and I am beyond blessed with good friends at work and that I was able to meet Mr. Little Guy. Plus, it made me even more excited for my future niece/nephew who arrives in just a few weeks!

October 12th
-Laughing hysterically to myself in my office relating Mean Girls quotes to my work life. "That's why her pony tail is so high, it's full of secrets". Even better were the looks from my coworkers outside my office  watching me giggle uncontrollably.
-Visiting a married couple on our hospice service who have been married 72 years. Their love for one another was so evident. I hope I can find a love like that.
-Running into two of my coworkers at one of our buildings (a nurse and an aide) and just stepping back to watch them as they interacted with patients. It was beautiful.
-Catching up on all the TV shows I missed this week.

It's the weekend. I work tomorrow, but it's a volunteer training and I enjoy those. Sunday I have a retreat reunion from the retreat I went on last spring, and then youth group. So it won't be much of a relaxing weekend, but I'm looking forward to it and to being surrounded by good people.

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I LOVE the idea of writing down all the positive things that happen in a week. I'm totally stealing it! :)

Also: how awesome is Kelly's new single? It's already one of my all-time favorites of hers!