Friday, October 5, 2012

love actually is all around us

This week, I was reminded that love actually is all around us (Love Actually). Here are the examples.

Sometimes it takes a really good friend to grab you by the arm, look you in the eye, and say "you're not happy". That's exactly what happened to me this week. I thought I was fooling my friends at work, laughing and joking and being my normal happy go lucky self at our meeting. But then one of my sweet friends, Carol, stopped me in the hallway, grabbed me, and said "Megan. You're not happy. What's wrong". She was right. That day, I had a horrible morning, and was trying to put it aside to concentrate on my other tasks. The day prior, another horrible day, with emotions running high and tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. It had just been a series of bad days, cranky attitudes, high demands, and pressure. I was crumbling, and Carol could see it.

We're often so afraid to reach out and help someone. We see them struggling but we just pass it off. assuming someone else will take care of it or that that person is just having a bad day. But it's not always just a bad day. Sometimes they need you to show that you care. That you notice.

I was so grateful that she did that, because I could take a giant sigh of relief and say "you're right. I'm not. And here's what is wrong". I didn't have to hold it all in anymore, I could just let it out and vent. and she listened. Not only did she listen, but she gave me encouragement. Then she took it a step further by sending me an e-mail that evening, saying that she was thinking of me and hoping things turned out better.

Example 2. That same day I crumbled and was called out by my friend, I was on my drive home from work and needed to talk to someone who understood. So I called my good friend, Tierra, who used to work with me. And boy, did I let her have it. She was such a good listener, she made me laugh and she reminded me to pray and turn it over to God. That's love.

Example number 3. I put up a facebook post about how I wasn't feeling well, and several people commented telling me to get better. That's love. One of those people, Christina, another coworker of mine, e-mailed me the next day,  a short but sweet message saying she hoped I was feeling better and to let her know how she could help. That's love.

And finally, the greatest act of love of all. My beautiful friend Maggie gave birth to a little bundle of joy, Alexander. I nearly cried when she sent the picture and have been looking at it every day since to remind me of how precious life is. Maggie's words say it all "He is perfect. I am in love with him". Does that not make you smile like a fool? How sweet. She is going to be a wonderful mom, and I am absolutely overjoyed for her.

What this has taught me is that despite all the ugliness, hate, defeat, and fear that I am facing in my life right now, love still exists. And there is nothing better than knowing that your friends love and care for you.

I heard this song on the way home from my parents house last night; I know I was meant to hear it because it brought me to tears and it describes perfectly how I feel right now. God, I need you now.

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That song is so fitting for me too! I mean it any way I can help let me know! I love reading your blogs and thanks for including me in it! I know things r tough right now but hang in there! Have a great weekend and get some rest. Cuz Monday always arrives tooo fast!