Wednesday, May 23, 2012

new writing

I have been writing this simple little poems lately. I thought I'd share some. Feel free to let me know what you think.

"One of Those Days"

It’s been one of those bad days
One of those pour me a glass
of whatever you have days
Think I’ll turn off my phone and sit on the porch
watch the little kids with their big dreams ride on by
oh, to be that simple
oh, to be that free
building friendships and forts
climbing monkey bars and trees
and endless possibiltiies
it’s been one of those days
one of those my shoulders ache days
let’s jump rope in the street
run through the yard yelling
tag, you’re it
remember in those days
someone would sing us to sleep
and we’d dream our worries away
well it’s been one of those days
come sing to me, sing me to sleep

"Beautiful Life"

life can be so beautiful
when you’re with the ones you love
we should all spend our time
with the ones we love
life is beautiful but life is fast
if you’re not careful it will go right past
so let go of the little things
that are bringing you down today
do the best with what you’ve got
and say thanks to the ones you love
I know you’ve got big plans
And even bigger fears
but baby don’t worry so much
all that worrying does you no good
just take it all in, take in this
beautiful life


you don’t practice what you preach
and you kind of make me sick
I used to love you with my whole heart
And now I kind of hate everything about you
you’ve got friends and you’ve got followers
do they know the real you
or have you fooled them all
like you once fooled me
my life got so much better
once you walked out the door
and I don’t even miss you at all
So go on keep tellin your lies
Keep on trying to make a good impression
All you’re doing is making me sick
With your despicable speeches and preaches
boy, please.

"please stop talking"

you’re talking an awful lot
an awful lot of awful things
and I’m not listening
Because nothing you’re saying
Makes any sort of sense
So talk that talk all you want
You words can’t hurt me anymore
You just love to cut me down
You just love to tear me apart
Please tell me what have I done wrong today
It doesn’t matter anymore
You just love to have an audience
You didn’t even notice I’ve escaped the crowd
Wasn’t I the target?
You missed.
So talk that talk all you want
Your words can’t hurt me anymore
You just love to cut me down
You just love to tear me apart
Hey you, you should know
I’m pretty happy with the way
I turned out to be
And I don’t really care to hear
You ever speak again

"gone for good"

and just like that you’re gone again
I turn around and you’re out the door
I thought you were gonna be mine again
But it seems you’ve got better things on your mind
I wonder how far you’ll make it this time
Before you turn around and start saying “sorry”
I’m not gonna open the door this time
I’m gonna let you sit out in the rain this time
Because if I let you back in
Then you’re let yourself out
Just tell me what’s the point?
Let’s not waste our time
If you’re on your way back you better stop right there
Turn yourself around, and don’t you dare
I think we both know this is best for us
Enjoy your little game of run away run
I’ll be right here where I’ve always been
But if you try to come back you’re not coming in

"leave me alone"

I’m staying up far too late
Thinking ugly thoughts of you
You know just who you are
You know you have no business
Coming and going through my mind
Put me at ease, leave my heart please
I’ve had just about enough of your games and lies
Didn’t you get the hint last time?
Haven’t I escorted you to the door before?
What’s your problem, what’s my cure?
I’d like to be free from your chains
I’d like to get some sleep tonight
Let’s get this clear- you’re uninvited
Leave, just leave. Leave me alone.
Leave, please leave. Leave me alone.
Let me be. I do just fine on my own.
Leave me alone.

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send 'em to Adele I see a hit or two in there!