Monday, May 21, 2012

Locked Out

You know how I know god has a great sense of humor? He locked me out of my house tonight to teach me a lesson.

 I hopped down my steps with nothing in my hands but my iPod. After all, I was not going to be gone long, right? Wrong. I got down my street and realized I should grab my water. So I jogged back, went to open the door-boom. Locked. I dont know how it got locked, I certainly had not locked it and Susie was already gone. (For the record, Susie doesn't know either. She said when she did get back home it was the deadbolt that was locked. I have NO IDEA how that could happen).

 You know those first five minutes of total panic when you run through your list of options?

These were my Options:

 Bust down the door with my killer strength, duh.

 Pop a window to the basement and go tumbling in.

Sit on my front porch rocking myself back and forth in the fetal position in hopes that Susie was returning and it wouldn't rain or get too cold.

Hope that my ipod would suddenly turn into a magic key that unlocked my door and cooked my dinner for me.

 But no. I had to think logically. Walk to the Carter's. So I did just that. Walked to the Carter's, then called good ole mom and dad. I was hungry and figured if Susie wasn't coming home tonight, at least I could sleep at my parents. (Didn't think Martha wanted a seventh child tonight). So my pops came to get me , bought me subway, and let me crash on their couch for a few hours until Susie got back.

Were these my plans for the evening? Heck no. I was going to make a turkey burger and sweet potato, drink a glass of wine, and watch dumb reality tv. And probably work on some essays I had to do. But God said... girl please. The essays can wait. Sometimes you're gonna get some twists and turns in life. Sometimes things do not go quite as planned. Sometimes, you get locked out. And instead of having a nervous breakdown you figure out what to do and you just do it. I mean had I not gotten locked out, would I have gotten to hug the Carter kids and see Caroline do a somersault? Probably not. Seen my parents? No. I haven't seen them since mothers day! And probably won't again until this weekend Plus I got to see my doggy. And check some of my mom's papers.

 God knows how much I tend to freak out over things like this. So He gave me a mini crisis and said "Here. Work it out". And I did- with the help of the Carters, my parents, and good ole Susie who drove back home   to let me in (I owe her ice cream!).

When life locks you out, find a different way in. That was my lesson for the evening.

Have a good week everyone. And take your keys with you when you leave the house.


Shari said... Add Reply

"When life locks you out, find a different way in."

Oh boy, did I need to read that tonight. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I'm sorry your evening didn't turn out as planned, but glad that you were able to enjoy some downtime (after the stress subsided) and visit with your family!

Anonymous said... Add Reply

Beautiful, Megs!

And for the record: I would have LOVED to have had a 7th child last night!! Though you would have been sucked into homework and bedtime story duties. I would have split my bake potato, even!!

As for the "change in plans", you will be well prepared for parenthood with your newfound insight! Love you, girl!!!! xoxo

Anonymous said... Add Reply

we got to spend time wiht you! dad