Sunday, May 13, 2012

like my mother does

This morning I was trying really hard to find the right words to put out to the world on this mother's day. Of course I want to  honor my own mom, but there are so many women out there who inspire me, who have mentored me, who have shown me what it means to be a good mom. Lucky for me, I didn't really have to find the right words. Anita Renfroe summed it up perfectly

Happy Mother's Day to all moms present and future, those who miss their mom or child, those who have chosen to step into the role of mother to someone else's child, and to all those who mother so many so well even without the title. To "mother" means to love fiercely.

That? is what I was trying to say.

Let's start with my own mom. I have had to share her. Not just with my brother and sister. With hundreds of kids who have been in her classroom. Sure, she wasn't their mom, she was their teacher, but many times, over and over again she has put her students before herself. Caring for them, mentoring them, watching them grow up. Scolding them, shaping them, and cheering them on. She was a 2nd mother to so many of them. I am positive that when they think back on influential women in their life, she is at the top of their list. Because that's just the kind of woman she is. She has overcome obstacles, crushed challenges. Each day is a fight for her but she makes it out on top. Despite my mom and I going through our typical silly mother daughter arguments, she really is my best friend. I can talk to her about anything. I can laugh with her. She picks me up when I fall apart and encourages me to be the best woman I can be. She has taught me countless lessons over the years, but most importantly she has taught me how to treat people- with kindness. She's taught me that life is not centered on ourselves but on serving others. To each and every single person who has had the honor and pleasure of having my mom as a teacher: lucky you, and your welcome for sharing her.

Now. I have a list of other "Supermoms"

Backup Mamas- Mama Gem, Mama Melinda, Mama Maria, and Mama Cathy.  I have known these women for five years now. They have seen me at my worst and helped me to become my best. Each of them have influenced me in a different way, each have unique qualities that make them special, wonderful people. Gem is literally my 2nd mother. I can tell her everything. She bends over backwards to make me happy and to try to help me through my challenges. I love each of these ladies so much, and all the other backups I didn't mention (some of you are more like SISTERS).

St. Hugo Mamas- Martha, Kathy, Meghan, Debbie, Linda...and, of course, Susan. Even though Susan is no longer with us, she is someone I model my life after. She was the sweetest person I'd ever known and she gave her heart and soul to her kids.I miss her every single day but I am blessed to say I can still feel her here, and still witness the impact she has made on the world. I have been lucky enough to spend time in Kathy and Meghan's homes, taking care of their children. They are both beautiful women who work hard and love harder. Debbie and Linda are friends of my moms, and through that friendship I have been able to see how special they are. They are strong, courageous, sensitive souls who put their families first. And then there's Martha. Sometimes when I think about how much Martha has done for my heart I start to cry a little. She is literally a supermom. I see her cape even if she can't always see it. Martha is raising six beautiful children, and doing a hell of a job.  She is instilling such important values into them- how to treat people, how to love and listen to God, how to live freely, to laugh often. I am lucky to call her a friend. <3 you mama martha!

GLC Mamas. Sue, Carol, Jill. I've learned how important it is to have people looking out for you at work. Jill makes me laugh and feeds me almonds during our long meetings. Carol is the sweetest nurse and person ever, always finding the sunshine in the worst situations and leading us forward. I'll never forget the day she left a card and box of chocolates on my desk because she thought I was having a hard day. And then there's Sue. I am lucky that I get to spend time with Sue 2-3 days a week. Sue and I have this very real understanding of each other. I could talk to her for hours. She has a genuine interest of peoples lives- and not to take it for granted, but just because she wants to know. She has literally saved me more times than I can count. Plus, one thing that I immediately knew about Sue was how much she loved her family.

Sisters of Mercy Mamas. Sister Mary Jo, Sister Rochelle, and Sister Karen. Sister Karen is my mentor as I am on my journey to become an associate. We're a lot alike. We have the same sense of humor, which people might find odd. But she's hilarious, sarcastic, and real. She's been a terrific mentor and I have loved getting to know her better. Sister Rochelle is my spiritual director. She has helped me to see things about myself I never have before. She teaches me a valuable lesson in every single conversation I have with her. Sister Mary Jo is my heart. She was there for me during my year of MVC more than anyone else. The little dearheart is suffering from cancer, but she doesn't let that get in her way from caring for others. She is one of my favorite people and greatest teachers.

And, last, but not least, my two favorite mommies to be. Maggie and Maureen. Maggie will be having her first baby this fall and I am so excited for her. She and I have become close at work, so close that I just found out a bunch of people thought we were friends prior to work. Nope. We just understand each other, we trust each other, we're a lot alike. I cannot wait to see her become a mom. As another coworker said, "we need more Maggie's in this world". YES. We do. She's a great person to be around- bright, friendly, caring. I'm here for you Maggie!

And Mo Mo, you are going to be the best mommy in the world. I am beyond excited for you and Dave and I cannot wait to follow your pregnancy and be there for my new little niece or nephew. Thank you for everything you have taught me about patience, understanding, peace, and caring for each other. You will teach those same things to your baby, through your words and actions. I love you so much!

Today, celebrate the women who have inspired you to be YOU.


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You are sooo lucky to have so many "mamas" to look after you and share their love.

But that also says a lot for my dear sweet Meggie with whom we have all have fallen in love!

Thank you for letting me be one of your Special Mamas. I too am truly blessed by you!

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great ... awesome !! dad