Friday, May 18, 2012

american idol season 11

American Idol Season 11: Top 20 Performances

Here are my 20 favorite performances from this year's Idol. There's a whole lotta Elise and it's Joshua's world!

20. Elise, Whole Lotta Love. Most people adored this performance from Elise. It was rockin and fun, but I have many other favorite Elise performances. There's no denying that this was fantastic, though. I hope she does it on tour, I'd love to see it live.

19. Erika Van Pelt, New York State of Mind. I could not comprehend her elimination. She had killer vocals. I just watched this 5 times in a row and got mad AGAIN that she was eliminated too soon.

18. Phillip, Beggin I am one of the few who was not on the Phillip train. This was my favorite from him, though. It was fun.

17. Jessica, I Will Always Love You. K. As beautiful of a voice as Jessica has, she got on my nerves for some reason. But we can't deny how perfect this was.

16.. Elise, Let's Stay Together. I pretty much liked every Elise performance. ::shrugs::

15. Hollie, Bleeding Love. The simplicity yet strength of this performance was just goregous!

14.  Joshua Ledet, I Wish. This was the first time I realized just how good he was.

13. Skylar, Gunpowder and Lead. I've always said Skylar is like Miranda Lambert and Kelly Clarkson's lovechild. This song was perfect for her.

12. Joshua, No More Drama. Who else wanted to stomp around their living room with him?

11. Deandre, Master Blaster Can't help it, I loved this. Like in a I wanted to bum rush the stage kinda way. Work them hips!

10. Joshua Ledet, Runaway Baby. Joshua Ledet + Bruno Mars? Nuff. Freaking. Said. This would probably actually be higher on the list but I need to be fair to other contestants. :)

9. Skylar, Didn't You Know How Much I loved You. Although there aren't a lot of Skylar performances on here, I really wanted her to win. She wasn't my favorite but I loved her spunk and thought she was the most consistent. I get her version of this song in my head all the time!

8.  Hollie, Save Me. She made me believe her...I wanted to save little tinkerbell!

7. Deandre, Georgia on My Mind. Deandre was one of my favorites early on. Not everyone enjoys his sound, but this performance was special.

6. Hollie, Rolling In The Deep. I always liked Hollie, but I started rooting for her when I heard this. I stopped what I was doing when she started singing.

5. Elise Testone, One and Only When she cried, I cried. I felt this one.

4. Joshua, When A Man Loves A Woman This was the first time Joshua caused me to jump up and down on my couch and clap and scream and cry get the point.

3. Erika Van Pelt, Edge of Glory. Erika was my favorite gal this season, and if she had more time on the show I can almost promise this list would have been filled with Erika goodness. I thought she proved herself with this one.

2. Elise Testone- Vienna. This is one of the few performances I have downloaded to my Ipod. That last run kills me every single time. Waaaiiiittsss fooor youuuu. So. Good.

1. Joshua Ledet- It's A Man's  Man's Man's World. I don't mean to sound like Jenevdy (jennifer/steven/randy) here, but this is easily my favorite Idol performance OF ALL TIME, DAWG. ALL TIME!

What were your favorite performances this season?


Elizabeth Rosalyn said... Add Reply

Elise and Joshua dominate my favourite performances list as well! I liked a lot of Hollie, Skylar, and Jessica's songs. What I like about this season is how everyone had at least one moment during the competition. :)

Shari said... Add Reply

I agree with so many of your choices (and commentary!). Hollie and Elise are my favorites, and I genuinely enjoyed almost all their performances :)