Friday, November 6, 2009

Sorry I missed yesterday. I went to a conference at Wayne State University called "Giant Steps". It was aimed at 9th-10th graders and their school counselors. I was excited about it, because I wanted to bring three kids who have leadership potiental to talk with other high school students about what they can do to bring peace into the school and their own lives.

While my kids were sperated into different tables, I was sent to a room with all the other high school counselors. We learned about diversity in schools, programming to bring to the school, and touched on the topics of depression, bullying, gangs, sexual orientation, and so much more. I am so glad I was able to attend, I learned a lot and I am excited to bring some new programming to the school.

When I got back to the school, I began feeling ill. I was coughing a lot and felt pressure on my lungs/chest, as if I had been smoking. It kind of got worse from there, and when I got home later that evening I had zero energy. I fell into a deep sleep before 9 pm. I woke up at 4:30 feeling even worse, but when my alarm went off again later I felt fine. Now I feel pretty bad again, and I have been coughing up a storm since then. My kids keep telling me to go to the dr. I'm sticking it out until at least lunch, we'll see how I feel after that.

I am thankful for:
-Ability to get medication when I am sick. So many people are uninsured and can't afford to take care of themselves. I am lucky.
-Warm coats and clothing in the winter time.
-A car
-Friends that support me and encourage me to follow my dreams
-New friends! I <3 my community, Hannah and the other JV's, Dean and Giles, Jon.
-The right to vote. I wish I was registered for Detroit so that I could have voted this past week, but I am happy to be free to vote.

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