Monday, November 9, 2009

It's All Part Of The Show

This past weekend was probably the last nice weather weekend we'll have here in Michigan. It was sunny and in the 60's. Unfortunately, I did not get to enjoy it. I was in bed for the majority of the weekend. At first, I thought it was just a bad cold...but then I got the chills and had a 102 degree fever, so my first thought was "SWINE!" I stayed in bed all day yesterday, and when I got up to go to the bathroom I didn't even feel like me...just felt like a zombie. I don't remember any conversations with anyone...I just remember getting Powerade, and I woke up with an empty mug near me so I had tea at some point. I had to read through all my tweets/status updates to remember what exactly I said, because I honestly DO NOT remember. I do remember on Saturday night when I couldn't sleep and was just sitting in my bed in pain and shivering that I wrote something very depressing/reflecting of a dark time in my life. I'm not ready to share it yet, because there are several people who read this blog who have no idea what I have been through, and I don't know that they are ready to know yet.

Today I finally had the energy to be out and about so I ran some errands. While doing this, I got a text from Dean that said "(Insert Name of Student Here) says hi, she misses you, and she hopes you feel better soon". Oh my gosh, I think it was the best text I've ever received in my life. It made me smile so much just knowing that this kid cared about me.

In other news, today I created a vision board. I learned about it thanks to Tyler, who got the idea from Syesha. It's a bulletin board, but instead of posting to do lists and pictures, you post hopes. goals, dreams, places you want to go, people to meet, etc. I put blue and green fabric around the ends so it looks nicer and am excited to post things to it. Also, I bought a map of the United States and I am going to put little thumb tacks wherever my friends are located. I need more posters/pictures, so send some my way if you want :-)

You should all try and add a vision board to your room. Let's keep this thing going. We need as much positivity in our lives as possible to accomplish our dreams.

I KNOW I need to thank people tonight because I haven't done it in forever, but my eyes burn and I have to be in an EIGHT hour food management class tomorrow.

Thankful for:
-AMAZING community members who make me soup, juice, toast, etc when I am sick.
-The Sisters of Mercy who offered to take me to the doctor today and who so quickly jumped to support me and show their concern.
-The power of prayer.
-Ability to talk about spirituality openly and honestly.
-Neti pot.(NOT a drug).
-Backups who are always there.
-Laurence! He raised so much money at his fundraiser this past weekend! This kid is amazing! He inspires me so much.

I love you all. If this twitter party does not settle down I won't be asleep before midnight which is a giant no-no for me. Goodnight!

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